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Direct-Feed Games Compare Sonic Forces On Nintendo Switch And PlayStation 4

Wondering how Sonic Forces on the Nintendo Switch stacks up against the PlayStation 4 version? Well, Direct-Feed Games have come to the rescue. You can check out their comparison video based on the Japanese Sonic Forces demo below. No doubt we will get retail comparisons shortly.


    1. Even though I already pre-ordered Sonic Forces for the PS4, I definitely have to agree that the differences aren’t different enough for someone to shell out $250 for a new console just for a bit more refined graphics.

    2. Who cares if the ps4 version looks better. The game is still gonna suck no matter how good the graphics will look it’s just another mediocre 3d sonic game.

  1. Well I did notices a few things have changed in the Switch port:
    – Better Textures
    – Slightly Improved Character Models and Environments

    But all I can see now is that the PS4 runs at 60fps, 1080p.
    Nintendo Switch runs at 30fps, 720p.

    Is it worth the downgrade? Kind of, if the game is good and judging from this early demo, I don’t think I’ll be picking it up and I’ll just stick to Sonic Mania.

    1. I played demo of sonic forces it sucked with it’s subpar graphics and terrible level design. It’s just another mediocre 3d sonic game like sonic Boom.The better graphics of the ps4 version isn’t going to save this game unfortunately.

  2. It’s just mildly better on PS4. Only a fool would favor it over the Switch. That’s a game that would sell more on the Switch. The only limit is the few consoles out there and the challenge with the most wanted game of all time (Mario Odissey). Still it will be interesting to see where it sells more..

    1. I predict Sonic Forces will sell more on the Switch because lately games have been selling very well on the system.

      1. No I think not. Sonic Forces will not sell more on the Switch.

        The reason why Sonic Forces will not sell well it’s because people want it at 60fps.
        If the Nintendo Switch version had this feature then it will sell more than other consoles.

        I will buy it on the Switch when it’s time, for now I’ll pass.

    2. Depends. Are they a physical or digital gamer? If a digital gamer, can they afford to pay for Micro SD Cards which are more expensive than external HDDs?

    3. I think Sonic Forces will not sell well on the Switch. As you already mentioned, there is already an hot game like Super Mario Odyssey. I think next week we will see another good game which is Doom. With this high demaning games, and also the fact that Sonic Forces on the Switch runs at 30fps, made people to get the game on the other 2 consoles.

      Personally I don’t care about the fps but for now I’ll pass. Maybe I’ll buy it, on the Switch, next year.

        1. The “Sega does what Nintendon’t” Sega? lol You can say “Nintendoes what Segdon’t” because they know how to make Mario consistently great. They should allow them to take Sonic for a spin with their own games that’s not Sonic Boom. A collaborated game project if you will.

  3. Hm. I can definitely tell that the PS4 version looks better than the Switch version but the difference is pretty minuscule.

    1. It doesn’t make a difference as the game will still suck no matter what.The only good recent sonic game is sonic Mania made by fans and not sega themselves.

      1. In one part I agree with you. The fans knows well how to make a good Sonic game. But I want to give a chance to Sega with this new Sonic game.

  4. It looks like they really tried to improve the look of the Switch version since the last few demos.
    I personally have a problem with that, though. I wish they had kept the game looking a little bit worse to achieve a higher frame rate. I’d even be happy with 40 or 50 fps. I’d much rather the game look more fluent than prettier.

    Inb4 “I can’t tell the difference” replies

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