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Super Mario Odyssey Update Available Now

Super Mario Odyssey launched around the globe today and no doubt plenty of you are enjoying it at this very moment. Nintendo has issued a patch for the game which simply provides fixes to enhance the user experience. The update should install automatically but you can manually force the update if needed. Here’s what’s new with Version 1.0.1

  • Several fixes have been made to enhance the user’s experience.



  1. Mine still hasn’t arrived yet :( said it should be here by 8pm tonight, but mail already came. I may be out of luck until tomorrow.

    1. Amazon’s release day delivery is done by a separate company, not their usual usps. I’m in the same boat, by 8pm. Last time, I got it around 5ish.

      1. It ended up not coming today. So I went and bought it from GameStop. Just gonna return the amazon one when it gets here. Oh well.

  2. Can we get an update that gets rid of that annoying “put on your wrist strap” when starting up the game? I own the Switch. I already know about the stupid wrist strap! That’s like going into a Gamestop & being told “you can buy games here!” No fucking shit, Sherlock!

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