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Bethesda And The Wolfenstein Team Congratulate Nintendo On Mario Odyssey Launch

Super Mario Odyssey is finally available today for everyone to play and no doubt many of you are playing it right now. Bethesda and the Wolfenstein crew have taken to Twitter to congratulate Nintendo on a successful launch and the rave reviews that the game has received. If you haven’t already seen it we awarded the game a stunning 9.5/10 and you can read our review here.

Thanks to N-Dub Nation for the tip!


  1. Seems like everyone is happy and thrilled with the Super Mario hype. :D Got the game and I’m already impressed, as usual for a Mario fan like me. Better hope Sonic Forces doesn’t suck.

    1. They’re excited because they know SM Odyssey will sell more systems which will allow the games they make to potentially reach a wider audience. I see nothing but good things for Nintendo.
      I’ll be picking up the game right after this comment.

  2. Bethesda and Nintendo sitin in a tree…
    K I S S ing…
    First comes love, then comes…
    then comes….
    then comes Wolfenstein in a baby carriage…

  3. Isn’t it weird how everybody always congratulates Nintendo for bringing out new games recently? I mean, they probably don’t mean it like that, but it kinda sounds a little condescending, “Oh, you brought one more game out? Good for you, little guy!”

  4. Though it’s most likely because the game was in development since 2014 the 2018 date for wolfenstein was also probably because they knew the switch port would be crushed by Mario

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