A Nintendo Canada Rep Said Federation Force Was “A Great Package”, Unfortunate That “It Got A Bad Rep”

EP Network recently spoke with Nintendo of Canada communications manager Andrew Collins, where they talked about Metroid Prime: Federation Force. The game was highly criticized and not that well received, something that Collins acknowledged because it “wasn’t the game which people felt it was”. However, Collins also said that “it was a great package”. Here’s what Collins said in full:

“It was a great package. You had Blast Ball, which was this really interesting 3-player, sci-fi football. Then you also had Federation Force, a separate game itself which was this 4-player bounty hunter game, and it’s a shame because… because it didn’t feature Samus, fans were very very critical. Samus appears a tiny bit much later into the game. And so because of that, it was seen ‘we don’t want this version, get rid of it, and give us the one that we want.’ And it’s unfortunate for Federation Force because it got a bad rap, it wasn’t the game which people felt it was.”



  1. It got a bad rep because, coming off of other m and the cancellation of metroid dread in favor of luigi’s mansion, ANOTHER game that shoved samus to the side was doomed from the start. If it was bundled in with Samus Returns, that’d be another story.

    1. That game wasn’t Metroid Dread. Metroid Dread is a DS project that disappeared off the radar. The side scrolling Metroid was a pitch by NLG on 3DS and not an official in development game.

    2. Not just that which turned her into a final boss…by allowing herself to get kidnapped and mind controlled by Pirates…who are fucking dumb enough to do that instead of you know…KILL HER, but look at the fucking graphic style. Chibi style in a serious Metroid universe is just as insulting as making Samus a major melodramatic bitch from Other M.

    1. They did once. I remember they tried to brush it off as, “oh, everyone hated Wind Waker too until it came out.”

  2. Trying to get fans to give it another chance then, after samus returns? Unfortunately for nintendo, the game doesn’t have appeal to the crowd they’re looking for. For hardcore metroid fans, “bro COD gamers” or even little kids, nobody is a massive fan of the art style which is an awkward mix of cartoon y (but still stiff) and detailed. In addition, the shooter market on portables is basically non-existent compared to consoles and pc.

    1. ||It is not Metroid, it doesn’t need any other reason because there is none, period…||

            1. Least we can all agree that FedshitForce should never have been named a Metroid game. …Right?

                1. “No?”? So are you saying you like that FedshitForce is part of the Metroid canon?

                    1. Am I personally attacking you? No. I merely asked a simple question about a video game. If you like FedshitForce & want to consider it canon, oh well. That’s your opinion. I won’t ridicule or attack you for it. My opinion is the opposite. It shouldn’t have ever been named a Metroid game. It would have been better off as it’s own thing like Star Fox Adventures was originally going to be when it was originally being developed as Dinosaur Planet before Miyamoto told the devs to make it into a Star Fox game. Even though that abomination sadly is a Metroid game, a sad excuse for a Metroid game, I won’t ever recognize it as part of the Metroid canon but that’s fine if someone else wants to do so.

                    2. I’d ask again if you like “Metroid” Prime: Federation Force, the game I call FedshitForce which I view as an abomination to the Metroid franchise, but you already answered my question. The fact you are so defensive of it strongly suggests to me you do like that trash. That’s okay. It’s your right to like it. Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure, after all. Enjoy the lesser “Metroid” game, bub.

                    3. I read your comment. I just don’t see how insulting a stupid inanimate object by calling it names like FedshitForce makes me less of an adult, though. *shrug*

                    4. Immature? For name calling an inanimate object? I could understand if I was insulting YOU but I’m not. I’m insulting an INANIMATE object. It doesn’t have feelings to hurt. If anyone is being immature, it’s the guy calling me immature because I’m insulting an inanimate object. Whatever. Just another nobody on the internet with an immature opinion of me because I’m not kissing Nintendo’s ass & saying nice things about their trash. *shrug* lol Enjoy that shit game, bub.

                    5. I’m sorry. Did I call FedshitForce a name again? I hope the shit game doesn’t slit it’s wrists or hang itself or some other type of suicide. That would make me very sad. *cries crocodile tears* lol

                    6. Sounds like a personal problem you have to me. *shrug* I wish FedshitForce COULD kill itself so I could help it commit suicide. I’d laugh Mark Hamill Joker style all the way through the process. And when the people that love it cry, I’ll do this.

                    7. No matter how many times you say it, I’m not calling it by the name Nintendo gave it. It doesn’t deserve any respect from me since I view FedshitForce as an abomination to the Metroid franchise. If that makes me immature, oh fucking well because…

                    8. I’m just fucking with you at this point. lol But I’m bored now. I’ll go back to ignoring the existence of FedshitForce unless I feel like insulting it again when I end up in a different conversation with a different person.

                1. It’s made by Next Level Games smartass. Not in house and again, it’s not Metroid. I don’t recall Chibi graphics and faceless GF for main cast being the standard.

      1. @ Sonyendo

        Agreed. If Fed Farce didn’t have the Prime name slapped on it and it was its own thing, I might have done better. Might have.

        It’s like I say about Banjo-Kazooie Nuts N Bolts: it’s a fine game, it’s just not Banjo-Kazooie, and certainly not what we wanted in a Banjo-Threeie.

  3. Federation Force is better then Other M. But a lot won’t know that because they didn’t even chance it. What attention would the game have gotten if it wasn’t a Metroid game?

      1. You want to explain why Other M is better? The plot is ridiculous. It has the arrogance to assume you’ve BOTH finished Super Metroid and read the manga. Federation Force can at least be understood for people who’ve never played Metroid.

        1. ||Metroid is not only about the plot, it’s about the essence of it, Metroid Other M is the worst of them all but it still had some of its essence, F”!#¤!#¤½! F!¤&¤ was a completely different thing in every way besides the title…||

      2. Garbage. Anything that starts off by making an assumption (you’ve finished Super Metroid) and then continues to build off that assumption but then throws in another assumption (you’ve read the manga) automatically sets itself up to fall apart.

        Anybody playing Other M as their first game will likely drop the controller in utter confusion or simply get bored by the cut-scenes. They’ll continue to play Federation Force because they understand enough about what is going on.

        Also Federation Force plays exactly like Metroid Prime (which Hunters didn’t do). But you won’t know that because you haven’t played the game. Its obvious because you say it doesn’t play like Metroid which is a factual inaccuracy.

        1. ||You just became irrelevant because you do not understand what Metroid’s essence is, the final part of your ramble is enough to conclude that you are no Metroid fan, period…||

      3. I suggest you check my YouTube channel because most of my videos are Metroid completions (Energy Tank runs). I have the manga (even though I can’t understand Japanese), I play the games obsessively, I follow development and cancellations in the series and I have hard copies of every game in the series despite not owning several systems (and merchandise as well).

        I played it because I am a different kind of fan. Not one that judges based on appearance. You can play and like anything with the Metroid logo on it and still be a fan.

      1. I agree with you. Other M it’s fun I don’t say it’s a bad Metroid game.

        Hell I remeber when I play it I was so impressed about the gameplay, maybe lack with the story, but hey it’s still a good Metroid game (in my opinion)

        1. You completely lost me dude. The gameplay is nowhere near as “adequate”. The control mapping while forcing it on solely the Wii Remote…3D movement with a D-Pad…static ripoff of Prime’s FPS mode WITHOUT MOVING, automated firing = BORING. That’s the moment when Nintendo started taking the retard pills and hadn’t stoped since even during the Switch era right now. Friend Codes still present, no Streetpass, no voice chat but relegated to a smartphone costing hundreds to do one simple job.

      1. Metroid Prime did so much to evolve Samus’ character. Take a look where she led an attack on Ridley’s planet as a smack in his prehistoric face. The Federation basically gave the pirates the middle finger for invading everybody else’s planet. It also showed she can mourn the loss of her friends while moving on without having a nervous breakdown. Again: Other M assumed you would know about Samus’ early years and the K2L history.

        Because of Metroid Prime we’ve been introduced to so many aspects and Sakamoto completely ignored what prime did for the series. He acted like Super is the only one you’ve played since 1995. Which is an insult. Tanabe at least acknowledged Sakamoto’s work. It took a backlash for Sakamoto to redesign Samus’ character into Prime’s style. And his explanation for why there was no Gravity Suit at the start of Other M is a cop out BTW.

        Metroid Prime has been sending the series forward and Sakamoto pretended it didn’t exist. So yes Other M is a far worse offender than Federation Force.

        1. 1. No shit because of the 3D transition. Samus was shown dialog and emotions before but very limited on script speeches and her emotions were displayed by body language, a much smarter way to display Seamus’s character than constantly saying “baby” for 5 fucking hours straight while pissing her Varia Suit when she meets Ridley for the billionth time.

          2. FUCK..SAKAMOTO.

          3. Chibi Force is a disgrace that THANK GOD it died the second it showed its casual Chibi face.

    1. I would have given this game a chance if it wasn’t ruined by a chibi artstyle that has no place in Metroid or if Samus wasn’t totally shitted on by having her getting captured & brainwashed by Space Pirates of all things. Samus managed to wipe out entire planets that the Space Pirates turned into bases yet she got taken down by a small team of them? So much for being the badass bounty hunter she is supposed to be in the franchise! Other M has many things wrong with it but being anything other than a badass was definitely not one of them. Even when taking orders by not going all out with her suit’s powers, she was STILL a badass.

    2. Federation Force seems much more a party game, but I don’t hate that game.

      I really enjoyed Other M and I still don’t understand why people hate that game.

      1. I don’t hate Other M. I just don’t like the fact it ignored what the Prime series did. I see good in all Metroid games but there are some I see bad in as well. I understand the anger with Federation Force. I think the balancing on missions and Blast Ball is absolutely terrible.

        What I don’t like is people coming in here telling me I’m either not a fan for liking the game or telling me to fuck off because of it. I’m a writer myself so I pay attention to it. When you compare the writing of Federation Force and Other M its obvious which one is better.

  4. Being a big Metroid fan, the salt was real for a long time about Federation Force but most of that has settled since Samus Returns and the announcement of Prime 4. I’ll pick it up if I see it in a bargain bin someday :p

  5. Federation Force is a perfect example of how not to handle a franchise during times of uncertainty.
    The problem wasn’t the game itself but the time in which it was announced. I can promise you that if Federation Force was announced after Metroid Samus Returns and Metroid Prime 4 was announced, the game would have been way better received.
    The problem I have with the people that made this spin-off is they fail to see how it comes across to the fans, you have had no new Metroid game since 2008 and to top it off, said game wasn’t even that good, so for them to finally announce something Metroid related only it to be more of pushing Samus to the side and featuring these characters nobody even knows, it is very disheartening so naturally people are going to find it repulsive.
    Not throwing shade at the game itself, I have not played it but from what I’ve heard from people that have, it’s actually a good game.

  6. A shame because Federation Force is the best Metroid on the 3DS….
    At least that game doesn’t paint itself as a remake before throwing every concept of Metroid out of the window and being one more nail in the coffin of classic Metroid gameplay….

    1. You make me sick. It’s a fucking joke to be called a “Metroid” game. Hunters is clearly SUPERIOR to that shit in both graphical aesthetics that’s doesn’t look like a fucking children’s art book and plays a little differently that doesn’t exactly ruin the premise. Although I wish Hunters had Prime-like controls and wonder why they got rid of the lock-in that was once shown in the demo/reveal but still, even the single player and multiplayer completely shits on Chibi Force BAR NONE.

      1. No, Samus Returns is a joke to be called “Metroid” it is worse than Zero Mission, Fusion, Super, Return of Samus and the original Metroid, it has stupid crap like counter that slows THE HELL of the battles down because every single goddamn battle in the game gets down to be a wait game for the enemy to charge at you, it murders the hell out of the pace that the game SHOULD have. Samus Returns is NOT Metroid, I am sick of people sucking that game up when it’s such a bad excuse for 2D Metroid, let alone for a REMAKE….
        Yes, Hunters is better than Federation Force, duh, Hunters is great! But even Fusion is better than SR, AND THAT IS SAYING SOMETHING…..

        1. I’m not saying SR is the best since Sero Mission. Hell no, that respect goes to AM2R. But like I said, compare to Other Melodrama and Chibi Force, SR is a respectable apology note…except for what Nintendo did to AM2R by not giving that game the Sonic Mania treatment and give it to both 3DS/Switch Vita eShop so Both worlds can have their Metroid games.

    2. Federation Force is better than Samus Returns? lol *shrug* You need to get over this gripe with the counter system in that game. It’s completely optional last I checked, so if you don’t like it, don’t use it. It’s like calling Fire Emblem Awakening & Fates terrible Fire Emblem games because of casual mode or the option to turn off perma-death when they are optional & you can completely ignore them. *shrug* Whatever, though, as it’s your opinion, so carry on.

      1. Counter and Aieon is clearly NOT optional. The game makes sure, one way or another, you’ll end up using them. So no, it’s not optional nor it’s 100% forced but it’s more forced than optional. Plus, Scan Pulse can go fuck off with its broken feature.

      2. Buddy, shut up. Aside from some puzzles, you don’t HAVE to use the Aieon. You don’t HAVE to use counter. And you don’t HAVE to use the scan pulse.

        Go elsewhere AM2R fanboy and kill another series.

  7. From what I’ve heard. F/F was actually pretty good. But the cutesy-cuddly art style & cameo appearances by Samus all but doomed this game.

    Like that old Godzilla movie with Matthew Broderick. It was a really cool movie….but THAT WAS NOT GODZILLA!!! It would’ve got better reviews if it was called anything else Other than GODZILLA. & the same goes for Metroid Prime: F/F.

    1. (Earlier comment cont…)
      The name was all wrong. F/F sounds corny, cheesy, & boring. This was the slap in the face.
      Then then the poke in the eye came with the audacity of adding METROID PRIME as the title as well.
      Finally the kick in the crouch came with its artistic direction. The video of those adorable little mechs running around was received with dismay, anger & disappointment. Lmao while smdh

          1. How is your grudge against the real Sasori coming along, Church? Made any progress in getting rid of him in the comment sections of MNN? Oh wait! He doesn’t comment on here much anymore because he actually grew up a little & stopped being a nuisance on here by even sending in articles to MNN! No matter. Who needs the real Sasori when the fake Sasori is more of a clown on here, anyway? Just need to change your avatar to that of a clown & then you’ll finally look the part.

  8. This Canadian fool has zero fucking idea why this game is hated and “great package”? 1. WTF ASKED FOR THIS CHIBI GARBAGE AND 2. BLAST BALL….BLAST BALL?!?!?! Blast Ball is absolutely NOTHING compare to Hunter’s kick ass multiplayer and it sure as hell ain’t Rocket League either. Fuck, Halo 5’s own soccer mode is a lot more fun than that shit. You shoot giant balls…that’s about it and it’s as wrong as it sound. As for the game, it’s heavily tailored for co-op online and guess what? Good luck finding a game that’s not even present because NOBODY but IDIOTS like that representative would even think that it’s fun. As for the aesthetics that looks like a reject rated E Alien game made for twats, it’s as insulting as Other M’s stupidly written plot but the controls are not even close to like Prime’s. Lock on may be there but it’s still not enough. Trust me, if it wasn’t for the dumbass choice of Chibi graphical style and stick with Prime 2 or 3 aesthetics of the GF, this game wouldn’t have been dogpiled instantly. Plus the structure is nothing like Metroid either so it wouldn’t pass off as a Metroid game well. Had it been designed like Aliens Colonial Marines without retconning any establishment of the lore and maybe released after Samus Returns, it wouldn’t have been hated so much. But this fool doesn’t get why it was shat on since day one of its reveal which made me quit Nintendo in the first place.

  9. And this is the reason people say Nintendo is out of touch with its fans.

    FF would have been liked if
    1 it had been on Wii U.
    2 The art-style was like prime.
    3 Not trash music.
    4 it wasn’t anounced in the worst possible way.
    5 didn’t have a dumb title.

    many people have pointed these things out pretty much every the game was brought up but SOMEHOW nintendo only focussed on the people who said the main protaganist was essential to metroid.

  10. This should never have been a Metroid game. In and of itself it probably would have been popular. Shunting it into the Metroid Universe failed it. Maybe as a Metroid Universe game. Maybe. But with the Metroid moniker, people expect Samus. They don’t expect some random, in universe game.

    Would you release a Super Mario game without Mario? A Legend of Zelda game without Link? A Pikmin game without even a single Pikmin? No. Of course not. So why make a Metroid game san Samus?

    Heck, we had a Linkless LOZ. look at the Phillips CDI (Is that right) A game where you had Zelda rescue Link (Fair’s fair). However, a lack of Link = really crappy game.

  11. Agreed. After buying the game I realized it’s fun and very well made. I still don’t feel it like a “Metroid” game, which is mainly the reason of the backslash. Had it been called anything else I’m sure gamers had received it better. I like this game

  12. FedshitForce should NEVER have been named Metroid Prime. It’s basically this generation’s Star Fox Adventures; least I actually LIKED that game & could play it without feeling like I was getting slapped in the face.) Besides, Samus DOES NOT get captured by Space Pirates, brainwashed by them, then turned into an enemy for the Galactic Federation soldiers to fight. A chibi artstyle is something that does not belong in Metroid, either. The sooner Nintendo admits this game doesn’t belong in the Metroid franchise, the sooner they can declare the game is not canon to the Metroid franchise & that it exists in some crappy chibi alternate dimension that we will never speak of again.

    Of course, even if Nintendo refuses to do so, I’ll just retcon it in my own personal head-canon & pray that fool Tanabe doesn’t shove too much of FedshitForce’s events into Metroid Prime 4. If he does, I’m not buying Metroid Prime 4 & I will ignore it’s existence in the Metroid timeline. The only games in the Metroid franchise that will matter to me will be Zero Mission, Metroid Prime, Echoes, Corruption, Samus Returns, Super Metroid, & Fusion. Everything else can go straight to hell!

    1. Since I like Anthony, Furby Ridley, Lizard Ridley, & Ridley Prime from Other M, I’ll just take those things from that game & create a fan fiction that puts them into my Metroid head-canon. In other words, fuck Nintendo’s official canon for Metroid if FedshitForce & Other M remain canon.

      1. Hm. I actually like the idea of creating my own personal canon for Metroid! A lot of people use to do that all the time when they tried to tie all the Legend of Zelda games together into a coherent timeline! In fact, some people STILL do that because they don’t like Nintendo’s official timeline that they released many years ago.

      1. No. I’m much more creative with names than that. I can definitely come up with something better than “Church” of “Sasori,” after all.

  13. Hm. I actually like the idea of creating my own personal canon for Metroid! A lot of people use to do that all the time when they tried to tie all the Legend of Zelda games together into a coherent timeline! In fact, some people STILL do that because they don’t like Nintendo’s official timeline that they released many years ago.

  14. I just started playing the game about two weeks ago and have completed about 60% of it by now. It is a good game, but it doesn’t feel worthy of the “PRIME” in its name.

    It’s also COMPLETELY DEAD online.

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