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Europe: The Next Splatfest Is A Battle Between Breakfasts On November 4th

There’s another Splatfest heading your way and it kicks off on Saturday, November 4th at 16:00 Central European Time. This time around it is a battle between breakfasts as you’ll need to choose between Team Warm or Team Cold. Which team would you opt for?



  1. Well, I do eat toast almost every day. But by the time I’m sat down to eat it, it’s pretty much at room temp. I’ll go with cold, because I usually can’t be arsed to cook more than once a day.


  2. You eat cold breakfast because you don’t have time to cook a hot breakfast in the morning, not because its better. Hell, I’m making pancakes for dinner tonight because its the only way I have time to do it and the kid loves it.

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