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Music Production Software KORG Coming To Nintendo Switch

Detune has revealed that music production software KORG will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch next year. If you are unaware, KORG M01D and KORG DSN-12 are both available for the Nintendo 3DS.


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  1. KORG is a brand, not the name of a specific piece of software (which apparently is called KORG Gadget).

    KORG mainly manufactures keyboards and synths. The current trend among musicians is moving towards software instruments and sequencers, instead of “real” keyboards that were used in the past. A USB keyboard and a MacBook can do much more than several “real” old-style keyboards.

    Applications of this kind may be useful to a limited part of the audience: musicians that want to compose when they are away from their instrument or computer.

    The biggest problem is price: music production software costs A LOT on computer (with reason: one can actually make music with it). The same is not necessarily true on a console. Ultimately, this will be a gimmick. Granted, a few geniuses will be able to use it to actually create something, but for the majority of people, this will be an expensive novelty.

    1. Noone who considers himself a real musician/producer uses a software version of a physical instrument/synth!

  2. OMG! That’s so exciting. Me and my friend mapped a drumkit to a PS4 controller a couple of weeks back. So much fun! Definitely a way to break out of a writers block.

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