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Nintendo Has Raised Switch Forecast To Nearly 17 Million Units By April

Due to the ongoing dominance of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has seen fit to raise its sale forecast to nearly 17 million by April 2018. The Kyoto-based company expects to ship 14 million units in its financial year ending March 2018. This is up quite a bit from their previous prediction of 10 million. The Verge reports that combined with the 2.74 million units moved in the four weeks since launch, that would make for 16.74 million units in total.


15 thoughts on “Nintendo Has Raised Switch Forecast To Nearly 17 Million Units By April”

    1. Wii U was a decent console imo… but the Switch (though it was skeptical for the first two months) is really outshining it. I may even say it’s N64 level (my fav console) with a huge zelda and mario game out and Pokémon and metroid game coming soon as well. In fact the switch may out do the N64 because of the fact metroid is coming to switch

      1. N64 was a solid console mainly because of the games that Rare made , i’m having a really hard time naming more than 10 awesome games for it. I enjoyed the console allot but looking back at its library, it’s complete shit compared to the snes and even the gamecube wich atleast had the same third party lineup as sony and microsoft

        1. well, thanks for calling my opinion shit… so like i said, (or i dont know what i said tbh, im too lazy too check) i dont like rare games that much and its true that rare had a huge hand in making the N64 great. The reason I personally love it so much is because of the amount of love i have for each game. We have my 3rd and 4th fav zelda games. We have my favorite mario game (not counting odyssey, its too new to count for me), it has the third best mario kart, it had the first smash bros (though it is the worst) it has the second best paper mario, it has the best star fox, (im going to stop ranking and just let the games speak for themselves now) f-zero X mario party(ies), Pokemon stadium, snap, kirby 64, DK 64 (which is overated but still good imo), diddy kong racing, pilot wings 64, wave race 64, perfect dark, and golden eye (of course those last two are rare but i liked them) and as you can see, if there is someone (me) who likes all these games, the N64 really is for them (me).

          And I do love the SNES… but gamecube is my second fav for literally one reason… it has my FAVORITE GAME EVER… and my second fav mario (once again not including odyssey) my favorite smash, and 2 metroid games! In fact its barely under the N64 for me. Hell I forgot pikmin! love that series!

      1. Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King {Sony+Nintendo=Sonyendo!}

        To be fair, plenty of the Wii U games deserve a second chance to sell since the Wii U was such a failure. If the Switch users are 2 or 3 times bigger than Wii U users, the chances of those games selling even more increase on Switch even if only by a couple thousand. Of course, these Wii U ports should come between bigger, newer games or else they will get stomped on by those bigger, newer games & not sell better than the Wii U originals.

        1. while this is true, and many games for wii u deserve a second chance, just make virtual console… like i mean wii u had wii virtual console. If people wanted wii u games so badly why didnt they just get the damn system in the first place XD.

    1. Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King {Sony+Nintendo=Sonyendo!}

      Place your bets here; place your bets here! What do you bet the number of sales will be by April!?

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