Nintendo Switch

DOOM For Nintendo Switch Available To Pre-Order From Nintendo UK Store

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting DOOM on the Nintendo Switch then you’ll be pleased to know it’s currently available to pre-order on the Nintendo UK Store. You get the game and a free t-shirt for £49.99. You can pre-order DOOM right here.

id Software, the studio that pioneered the genre, is bringing the critically acclaimed DOOM to your TV and anywhere you want to be!

Slay hordes of demons with devastating guns in single-player and crush your friends in online multiplayer.

This bundle features DOOM for Nintendo Switch and a free Union Aerospace T-Shirt

To use this software, a download of 23GB via a wireless internet connection is required. An additional microSD card may also be required.

Release Date: 10th November 2017




  1. Already pre-order Doom, and Skyrim, really want L.A Noire, but I need to hold down on my expenses, December it will be Xenoblade and L.A Noire for sure… oh wait xmas gifts…


  2. Seems worth pointing out, even though it shows the box next to the shirt, the “required” 23GB is the size of both modes of the game digital-only. So if this were a physical copy I’d think it should only say it’s 9GB for the multiplayer download.


  3. Haven’t played Doom 2016 yet so the Switch will definitely be my platform of choice. I’m willing to sacrifice framerate for that sweet portability. Would be cool if they released original Doom and Doom 2 on the eshop too so I can replay those on a Nintendo console lol.
    Not counting the SNES of course :p


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