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Here’s The Super Mario Odyssey Accolades Trailer

Super Mario Odyssey has been getting loads of critical acclaim, and Nintendo is taking full advantage of it with a brand new accolades trailer that was uploaded to their YouTube channel today. The trailer showcases the positive things that various critics had to say about the game, along with some gameplay. We’ve included the trailer down below, so feel free to check it out.



  1. At about 260 moons and really divided on my opinion of the game. The core engine, graphics, sound, and music are excellent. I find the vast majority of moons though very unfulfilling to collect. So many of them are “walk over here, and maybe jump on a thing”. If you’re having trouble with one, there’s no real need to persevere either since you can just coin farm and buy as many moons as you need. Anyone been to Darker Side yet able to compare it to other endgame accomplishments in the series? Like Champion’s Road?

    1. I’m just there, haven’t beaten it yet. So far, I’d say it’s challenging enough. It’s maybe not the same pure platforming, but that goes for the whole game. It is a fantastic game, but it would have been nice to have some sort of challenge also in the main story. In my opinion, letting players breeze through the whole of the main game is actually kind of bad game design. The exploration part of the game is excellent however, and trying to find every moon without using guides, (or Toad) really lets you get to know every kingdom in a great way. I missed the exploration part when playing Galaxy and 3d World, but Odyssey actually made me appreciate those two games for what they’re trying to do, and what they manage to do. I’m not going to write a complete review here, but yeah, shoving all the challenging platforming to a few endgame areas is the main flaw of this game, that does so many things perfectly.

      1. “The exploration part of the game is excellent however, ”

        Not having an interest in this aspect makes it a big problem. I find “find the needle in the haystack” to be very shallow design. In the “3 coins or green stars per stage” mechanic in 2-d games taken from DK Country, there were at least consistent rules on placement so you had some rational way of locating them. This is just a mess in a sandbox. Odyssey’s “Find 10,000 needles in the haystack, buy you only really *need* to find a couple of them” approach makes it worse. I’m still enjoying the game more than not, it’s just a pale shadow of what the build quality could lend itself toward.

        People compare it to the Korok seeds in BoTW, which incidentally I consider the worst designed aspect of that game. “Wander aimlessly until you see something that looks suspicious, then jump at it or try weird things until maybe a korok appears and maybe it doesn’t” did not strike me as a very engaging enterprise.

  2. It really is a pretty game to look at. I was a big fan of Super Mario Sunshine, and this looks like a great follow up game. I think Breath of the Wild proved that open world video games are worth it!

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