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Japan: Super Mario Odyssey Sold Through 90% Of Its Initial Shipment At Launch

Sales figures for Super Mario Odyssey have been extremely positive with it still wearing the crown for the best-reviewed game of 2017 on review aggregator site Metacritic. In Japan alone, within the first three days of release, Super Mario Odyssey sold 450,000 copies and, according to Dengeki, it sold through 90% of its initial shipment.



    1. Lol this has better be a joke you know they have a great run level/champions road level on there have you even done pacifist mode on there yet I tried and I almost was successful, someone is even trying to do a play through of certain worlds without capturing

      1. Why better it be a joke? You would legitimately object to a 99.9/100? Because Sitting at around 350 moons, I give it roughly a 75/100. A very mediocre 3-d platformer wrapped in excellent production values.

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