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Pro-Controller & Joy-Con Grip Support Added In Free Upcoming Snipperclips Update

Snipperclips for Nintendo Switch will be receiving a free update soon allowing fans of the game the ability to use the Pro-controller and Joy-Con grip configurations if they wish. Currently, the only option you have is to use a single Joy-Con which can sometimes be quite fiddly when trying to perform precise movements to sharper pencils, pop balloons or whatever else the game throws at you.

Nintendo’s Assistant Manager of Product Development Todd Buechele told IGN the news:

“We actually have always wanted to support them, even from the beginning. It was just something that we ended up having to shelve at the time, and that was actually one of the key targets when we looked at Snipperclips Plus.”

“It will actually be a default in Snipperclips Plus, and then we are releasing a patch for Snipperclips next week that will bring Pro Controller and Grip support to all players who have already downloaded the game,” he added. “It’s a free update, so that capability will be there very soon.”

It’s also worth remembering that on November 10 you’ll be able to download DLC for the title which will increase the number of playable levels and modes. You will also be able to purchase Snipperclips Plus Edition for $29.99 which will include all of the new features and levels.


4 thoughts on “Pro-Controller & Joy-Con Grip Support Added In Free Upcoming Snipperclips Update”

    1. It’ll be a DLC add-on for $9.99. For that, you get 2 new worlds, more party stages related to those worlds, 3 new Blitz vs. games (making the total 6), and a 1-4 player Stamp Mode.

  1. So could they maybe do this with Mario Odyssey too? And Mario Kart? It’s a bit rediculuous when you spend extra money for extra controllers but then certain game modes restrict you to using the “two” controllers that came with the system in what is probably the most uncomfortable configuration you can use them in.

    1. I think you’re misunderstanding what this article is saying. Currently, Snipperclips only supports a single joycon played horizontally for each player. The update opens up dual joycon functionality, which means the grip works too, as well as pro controller support. All these configurations work with MK8 and Odyssey.

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