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Video: The Latest Update For Stardew Valley Will Increase Save Speed

Stardew Valley on Switch isn’t without a number of bugs that hinder the gameplay experience from time to time. The developer was quick to address the issues and informed fans on social media that they’re hard at work creating a patch. The update, which is yet to be released, will also vastly improve the saving speed. You can check out the comparison video below to see how much quicker it will be to save the game when the new update rolls out.



    1. Improving it does not equal fixing it, that save time still seems ridiculous, I wonder how they managed to make it take so long at all o.o

      1. Well it was made by one guy and then ported by a small team that’s done a few other console ports of small indie games. So you have a fairly minor team trying to figure out whatever the crap some random programmer, not experienced with coding within a group setting so others can read his code, and who only ever had one small app under his belt before this, did to create a save system. Believe it or not, making an accurate and efficient save system can actually be a tricky bit of code. Looks like they got it to about 14 seconds from 26, so nearly 50% speed up.

      2. Rationalizing it with “there’s a lot to safe” doesn’t work when you consider that games that probably safe much more information save in 1-2 seconds tops.

        I’m a programmer myself, so I know saving in a game like this is no walk in the park, but still, I really don’t understand how they ever got to 26/14 seconds. You have to keep in mind, computers are really, *really* fast, and saving one little thing, like say the current location of all NPCs should not take longer than a few milliseconds, at the very most, under any circumstances. What’s even more curious is that iirc the developer once said somewhere that the saving system worked fine on PCs, but not on Switch. He must’ve done something really weird. The only thing I can think of is a difference in the file system, that the game creates a bunch of files for saving or something, and that that’s taking longer on the Switch for some reason.

        I know that the original dev was a beginner, and I’m not trying to criticize them, I’m actually curious what they did^^

    2. The save system was apparently designed in a cumbersome inefficient way.
      They’ve now found a faster way of going about the cumbersome inefficient stuff, but it won’t compare to a more well-written system.

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