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Here’s Nearly An Hour Of Gameplay Footage For Sonic Forces On Switch

Sonic Forces is due to release tomorrow but if you can’t wait that long and need help to pass the time then check out the video below. There is a huge amount of anticipation surrounding this title with Sonic Mania performing outstandingly well (and quite rightly so) earlier this year but will the next 3D Sonic instalment have the same positive effect on fans? Only time will tell but we won’t have to wait long to read/watch the reviews once the embargo is fully lifted.


      1. ||I’ve seen most of it, it is actually worse, the best thing from his weapon is this…||

        1. That’s the only good thing about Infinite. The rest after his asskicking scene, he suddenly turns into a bitch pushover and then…disappears anti-climatically.

        1. And they still manage to fuck up. Ignoring Chaos and Shadow for boss fights while giving that nobody Zavok a fight plus all the villains aren’t even real and speaking of which, Infinite is such a false advertisement if I ever see one. He kicks Sonic’s ass effortlessly and then gets beaten soon after by a fucking OC without a problem and he disappears without explanation. Mastery of Sega’s character development and story telling. Jesus…

          1. I can’t believe they didn’t actually added chaos boss battle and they completely ignore it. I don’t even understand why SEGA keeps ignoring crazy crap like this. It’s like they just want to get stuff out of the way.

    1. This mighty not be the best Sonic game but I love it much more than the Sonic Boom games.

      But one point I want to take out is that it was better to play with all the Sonic characters with different gameplay mode, instead of making this avatar.

      1. I know right? I don’t mind making the avatar, but I really want Sonic Team to get there lazy butts off and make other characters playable again.

        How long since tails, knuckles, rouge, and team chaotix been playable?. it was shadow the hedgehog game.

        1. I though it was Sonic 06 the last game where you can play the other characters.

          But you got my idea. It was better to play with all characters with different gameplay style like Adventure 1 & 2.

        1. But I totally agree with you Commander.

          I only see the first season of Sonic Boom. Yeah all the episode of the first season… It’s very childish.

          Why they changed from Sonic X to that childish show?

    2. Why do you wish doom on Sonic, especially modern Sonic.

      That’s like praising Charmander, but shitting on Charizard (and not Ash’s Charizard).

      1. ||It is not, modern Sonic forgot what it was all about once they introduced the human world and mixed it with Sonic…||

        ||They went from logical bosses and plot to illogical and nonsense characters…||

        ||The only thing that has been rather consistent with the series is the music…||

        ||Other than that I don’t want to wish it doom because I cannot wish either, in the end, the Segans do that fine themselves…||

        1. And here I’m thinking that Modern Sonic was an evolution to his classic design, while Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 at their core were good games.

          How misguided and foolish of me…..

      2. What’s wrong with Ash’s Charizard? Sure Ash sucks but his Charizard was always a highlight for me. It’s one of the few things from the Pokemon anime I still like.

        1. I’m trying to say that Modern Sonic should be held to the same high regards as the Charizard species in the Pokemon franchise (since they’re both evolutions at their highest point), regardless of Ash’s terrible track record and Charizard’s dickish behavior in Kanto.

          When Charmander evolves into Charizard, we praise it. But when Classic Sonic evolves into Modern Sonic, people say every rotten thing in the book, and wish it would de-evolve.

          1. Nah. I understood what you meant (and I agree.) I was just curious why you didn’t like Ash’s Charizard.

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