Sonic Adventure 1 And 2 Vinyl Editions Announced

Brave Wave Productions is proud to announce a new partnership with SEGA that will see the releases of the iconic SONIC ADVENTURE and SONIC ADVENTURE 2 soundtracks on vinyl for the first time this winter. Both double-LP collections will feature music hand-picked by Sonic series composer Jun Senoue, be completely remastered for vinyl, come in special edition first-print color variants, and include an extensive booklet filled with artwork and interviews with Senoue and Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka. Both SONIC ADVENTURE OFFICIAL SOUNDTRACK – VINYL EDITION and SONIC ADVENTURE 2 OFFICIAL SOUNDTRACK – VINYL EDITION will be available this winter via Brave Wave Productions, with pre-orders to be announced soon.

SONIC ADVENTURE was originally released in November 1998 as a launch title for the SEGA Dreamcast. It revolutionized the Sonic franchise and included the main theme, “Open Your Heart,” composed by Senoue and Fumie Kumatani and sung by Crush 40. SONIC ADVENTURE 2 followed in June 2001, introducing Shadow the Hedgehog as Sonic’s rival and featuring the classic song, “Escape From The City… for City Escape,” composed by Senoue with vocals sung by Ted Poley.

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        1. Speaking of which, I got Forces and oh my god, I’m fears were true. I’ve spotted so much shit that’s wrong in the game. The plot pacing feels rushed, Avatar controls like a fucking stiff tank, the DeviantART Creator Mode is barebones from basic features like height/fur-body patterns/some clothing, no Chaos/Shadow boss fights, Silver pops out of fucking nowhere with no explanation as well as Infinite’s creation. Speaking of which, Infinite is a major pushover in fights plus he’s so terribly cliche with the “fear my villainy” script, the Switch version lags in the very first level but then restores back to solid 30FPS…Jesus Christ. I knew this game was gonna disappoint me but now they retcon the lore AGAIN with this Classic Sonic being from another dimension…but they act like they knew him before which was in Generations and that Classic Sonic was from the past of the current canon. *facepalm* Oh my god…

          1. I knew the moment they said “30 fps”, I wasn’t going to get it for Switch. Sega also said they planned to make Forces for NX no matter what, and when Switch was reveals they where taken on the bed by the “low” specs. So this game is clearly rushed.

            Story wise I’m trying to not care. Sonic messes it ups there too often. I just need the SCHPEEEEEEEEEEED!

  1. Follow me set me free!!
    Trust me and we will escape from the cittayyyy!!

    Ughhh where is Sonic Adventure 3????? I need the return of the Chao Garden

  2. That’s pretty freaking awesome. I see from the article history Sonic gets this treatment a few times. Nintendo always goes with CD.

    By far the worst was Xenoblade on a copy protected USB.

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