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Sold Out CEO: There’s Greater Potential For Switch Publishers Than People Think

Games Industry has published a fascinating feature with Sold Out CEO Garry Williams. In the interview Williams firmly says that there’s far greater potential for indie developers on the Nintendo Switch than people believe there to be. He says “The opportunities are there. Nintendo does not exclude you, it just asks you to ‘up your game’.

“There are many companies who have managed to earn really good revenues through Nintendo hardware sales to consumers,” he tells “When I worked for Imagineer in Japan we made some very welcome revenues making Sim City SNES, many of us also did well on GameCube, Wii and DS.

“The opportunities are there. Nintendo does not exclude you, it just asks you to ‘up your game’. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.”

“The boxed retail model is a tough model on Switch so you need to feel pretty certain your title works before entering the market,” Williams acknowledges. “Luckily for us, the Team17 Switch releases are tried, tested and proven on the Nintendo decks. Overcooked, for example, is a double BAFTA-winning title and already successful on the Nintendo format.

He continues: “Sold Out is not in the business of ‘vanity publishing’. If we were not certain we could generate profits, we would not enter the Switch boxed retail market. Nintendo simply delivers the platform for success and it is up to third-party publishers to decide how best to either get on board or to watch the sales juggernaut leave the depot.”

“If Switch continues at it’s current pace then it will receive the same space in store,” he says. “Content is king and retail will support whatever the customer is choosing to buy as long as there are significant revenues delivered in the process.”



    1. Ubisoft made Mario Rabbids and 2K is giving complete feature parity with their ports. So far both of them are welcome companies for my Switch.

      1. Instead of Watchdogs 2, Rainbow Six or even Wildlands, we get an uninteresting crossover with deader than dead meme Rabbids and 2K is practically as cheap as WB buying a higher end cart to fit their whole last gen ported sports games that somehow take more space than usual for an enclosed arena and shorter NBA roster than Smash Bros. 4 roster.

    2. But we need them to help support the Switch, though.

      And lol @ “2KKK”

    3. OK, maybe we don’t need EA, Warner Brothers, or 2K, but we definitely need Ubisoft and Capcom because both companies have potential to make great games and they usually don’t put microtransactions in their games.

      1. Ubisuck UPlay’s dick which is EA’s equal to Origin. Crapcom are purely dumb motherfuckers using Nintendo to justify their success and then betray them just to screw themselves right after and repeat the same fucking cycle.

  1. So he’s speaking in terms of indie developers. Well he’s right. They seem to do well on the Wii U in spite of the terrible user base & now the Switch. Triple A games are a whole other story, though, in regards to Switch. We’ll see how well those do on Switch at some point, though. Only time will tell.

    1. Not saying the ones already available for purchase on Switch are doing terribly, though. All I’ve honestly seen is short term success. Will they still be selling like they are now months from now?

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