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Suda51 Gives Development Update For No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again

Japanese gaming publication Famitsu got the chance to interview Suda51, the man behind No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again, and he gave them an update as to where they are in terms of development for the highly anticipated hack and slash game. It would seem the focus for the team over at Grasshopper Manufacture is on the controls side of things with efforts going into making the game playable with only one Joy-Con. We are yet to be given a release date for the next instalment in the No More Heroes franchise but we should expect to see it come to Nintendo Switch sometime next year. Here’s what Suda51 had to say:

Famitsu: Is development proceeding well?

Suda51: Yes. Next year should be good timing since Nintendo Switch’s stock problems should be solved by then, so we’re doing our utmost on developing the game right now so that it can be released at that time. Our direct task right now is to make it playable with just one Joy-Con controller and also to make it feel as good as No More Heroes, but there are also many old games that can be played really well even with few buttons, so I think the challenge is worthwhile. Also, this is a serious love call, but in order for Travis to be able to appear in Super Smash Bros. someday, I’d like to have simple controls (laughs).



  1. NIntendo: Hey Suda51, we want to include Travis Touchdown in Super Smash Bros 5
    Suda51: ~With a tear in 1 eye~ I thought you never ask… Here’s the model, the designs, the different attacks, all the alternate costumes we want and an Amiibo

      1. Maybe Travis can be Link Touchdown like how Ganondorf is Captain Ganondorf. lol Oh god! I gave them a bad idea! D:

  2. *goes to hold my left Joy-Con by itself for a couple of seconds* I don’t like how it feels in my hands. Too small. So I hope they don’t intend to have that be the ONLY way to play the game. If I by some chance want to get this, I need an alternative.

    1. Do you have really big hands? I’m a guy with larger than average hands and I think the joycon feel pretty good to hold by themselves.

      1. I want to say I got average hands. But the Joy-Cons still feel small to me. I should have been more accurate & said too short.

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