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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Is 14GB

We had a massive Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Nintendo Direct presentation this afternoon and you can catch up with what was revealed in this post here. We have also found out today that the game will take up 13978.57 MB. So you’ll need your SD Card at the ready.



    1. Likely only for the download version. I assume that with the retail version, you only need to download anything if you want the Japanese voiceover.

        1. There’s pretty much a whole story mode with voice acting where you walk around a small, but detailed open-world neighborhood with stores where you can buy new clothes for your create a player system. It also features every player in every team currently in the NBA (360-450) players as well as at least 17 teams from the past, all recreated realistically.

  1. Good thing I got that 200gb Micro SD Card earlier this month. In fact, I got it in preparation for this bad boy. Hopefully it can hold the few games on Switch I’ll be buying since I got my PS4 for everything else.

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