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Spotify Asks Fans To Vote If They Want The Music Streaming Platform On Switch

The first video streaming application for the Nintendo Switch in the west has launched and that’s Hulu, however, we’ve yet to get a music streaming platform on the popular system. Spotify is encouraging its members to vote for the official idea here. Make your voices heard if you want Spotify to launch on your Nintendo Switch console.



  1. This came to a surprise because the thought of Spotify on the Switch never entered my mind… but now that I think about it, I could see a lot of people using it.

  2. I already started up a collection of digital songs through Amazon Music. Unless I can use the songs I got through Amazon on Spotify, I don’t need it.

    1. I once transferred my entire Spotify collection to Tidal, I used a third party web app I really don’t remember, but you could find it on Google, I think it had compatibility with many other music services.

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