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Capcom Developing Switch Games For Release After April Including Ace Attorney

Capcom is ready to pledge more of its support to the Nintendo Switch and has said that they have a variety of titles in development ready to be released after April 2018. The pipeline includes games in the beloved Ace Attorney franchise.


  1. I miss when they actually released Ace Attorney in a box. I have nearly the whole collection on my 3ds at this point. I can hope they decide to port The Great Ace Attorney and Investigations 2 for western audiences.

    Otherwise, unless its a brand new experience, I have no plans to what would be triple dipping on my favorite games.

  2. >Including Ace Attorney

    YESSSSSS! Ace Attorney is one of my favorite franchises! I’m happy to see that it’s finally coming to the Switch. I literally can’t wait to see some HD lawyer action on the big screen!

  3. Never really played an ace attorney game. I tried a demo on iPhone for like 5 minutes and it was nice I would definitely pick a collection up on switch

  4. “Oh but we are truly sorry! We will apologise for

    making Street Fighter overpriced
    launching XX with what our marketing team considers a mainline game while also not localising it
    not releasing Revelations in physical format and making people buy memory cards for Revelations 2

    but we swear we were really NOT TRYING to sabotage our releases. No. We were never going to leave Switch owners”. Note that if Infinite sold that badly on Switch they would have taken it out on the system instead of the game.

      1. I know, Right? I’m sick of Capcom not making any Megaman games on the Nintendo switch, and I think the closest thing to Megaman on the Switch is the Megaman costume for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Don’t get me wrong, Capcom can make other good games like Viewtiful Joe, Power stone, and Breath of fire, but is a Megaman game on the switch too much to ask for? And before Capcom misinterprets my wish again, I’m not talking about an 8-bit game, I’m talking modern 3D graphics and voice acting, kind of like Megaman powered up. And if that’s too much to ask for, how about another Battle Network? It’s been over 10 years, where’s Crashman.exe?

    1. It has to replace 3DS eventually but I can’t exactly blame some people for thinking it won’t. Nintendo have given off a conflicting message with their marketing and the types of games they are offering. They’ve got several big AAA games but the file sizes (like L.A. Noire and Revelations 2) are obviously showing Switch’s hefty limitations as a full console.

      The thing that will give the game away is if they announce a handheld version of Switch to get around official price drops. Kimishima said it isn’t the successor to either 3DS or Wii U. I think they are done in the console market but won’t admit it yet.

    2. i dont see how this is proof of anything, the switch is popular and the ace series is popular on 3ds, this is a safe choice for capcom, ace attorney is going sell well regardless if its not the switch or 3ds. this is just capcom playing it safe on the switch.

      But I do see nintendo really shying away from the 3ds now, though i think they will retire the system soon (maybe tail end of next year) i still see them releasing another dedicated handheld for one major reason. The switch wont last forever, nintendo is known for innovation. They will make another home console in the future and another handheld in the future as well. I just dont see nintendo sticking the hybrid forever.

      1. It’s proof that franchises that would normally continue on a successor console are going to the Switch, meaning Switch is the successor.

      2. The hybrid concept is the perfect culmination of all of Nintendo’s work. I highly doubt they’ll abandon it after the Switch.

        Seriously, get out of denial.

        1. I didn’t think they’d abandon the Wiimote but then they did in exchange for the Gamepad’s touch screen & gyro controls and the Wii sold over 100m because of it. Who’s to say they won’t do the same to the Switch if they think they can make more on a new innovation that they believe a hybrid would hold back? They’d ditch the hybrid idea in a heartbeat. With Nintendo, never say never.

        2. I’m sorry you are more in denial, what about when the switch gets boring, what about when people complain that nintendo is just making the same console with better graphics. Because if they keep on the hybrid train forever and never innovate in any meaningful way, Nintendo will just become the same as the rest of the industry,, and thats something they would rather not, they want to stay new and fresh and you can only be new and fresh for so long once you do the same console over and over. Now i love the switch and their is a possibility they make a switch 2 but what you are suggesting is that they will stick to the switch formula for a long time in which i disagree. The switch is just another home console of theirs, and im sure i will like the next system they put out but They will continue to innovate which includes maybe going back to a dedicated handheld and console.

          Also i want to say i still think they will put out a dedicated handheld within the switches lifespan. Remember the president of Nintendo said he wants to have profits go back to the glory days of nintendo, the wii and ds era, and then they had two systems not just one.

          1. If their next innovation could conflict with the Switch’s hybrid concept, they’d dump the hybrid thing in a heart beat for it. If not that, they’ll at least change the Switch to a handheld that can play home console games on the go & make a new home console for their new innovation, making Switch 2 a complimentary system for their new home console.

          2. The dedicated handheld will likely be a Switch mini and there are plenty of way they could innovate with further Switches. VR and AR being some good examples. I think the gaming industry has proven that a winning formula lasts. Look no further than the PlayStation.

  5. If they didn’t start development til after Street Fighter sold well, I can buy this.

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