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DOOM Update 1.1 Available Now

DOOM was released for the Nintendo Switch worldwide yesterday and fans of the game have been lapping it up. If you own a copy of the game there’s an update available that’s basically a day-one patch. The patch for DOOM includes multiplayer functionality, additional game fixes, and audio for supported languages other than English. The update is a big one coming in at 8GBs and it’s available right now.



  1. I really want to know how “expensive” is the 32GB Switch Cartridges because these devs are avoiding it to fit the entire game in it. Doom can fit in it, L.A Noire, NBA18 and shit.

    Anyway, I need to address a few issues. I LOVE THIS GAME SO FAR but I noticed some bugs. The sound glitch cuts off the sound completely randomly and this happened in the second room from the start of the game. The visuals looks kinda low res and blurry compare to the other Switch games I’ve seen, owned and played. Although IDK if this Anti-Aliasing in play because it also looks smoother than most games I got. If it is, I think there should be an option to turn it off/on on the fly so when it’s off, the visuals would look a little sharper and somewhat better with sharpness popping out the graphics. I haven’t tried multiplayer yet so I have no comment yet.

      1. The third parties ARE cheap. What I’ve been wondering, why don’t the publishers release a couple options of the game? Like $5-10 bucks cheaper, but requires a download? Make us decide, and call the expensive one the Gold Edition or something.

    1. For what I know there is not a 32GB card. With a 16GB card the game is costlier than on competitive platforms. With an 8GB one should be even.

      If is blurry it’s because is a demanding game for the system. Eventually appreciate the software house that gave the game to you even expecting a lot of criticism afterwards (because it’s not the same as with beefer platforms).

      1. Zelda appears to be more demanding than Doom and it doesn’t look blurry the slightest. Also, there is a 32GB option. The problem is these companies are getting pretty fucking cheap on affording them.

    2. I could’ve sworn there was a sharpness setting in the Settings section of the pause menu. Thought for sure I saw it, but I’m gonna check.

    3. The reason companies do these day one patches is not (necessarily) a storage issue. It’s because they have to ship the game to retailers weeks before release, but also want to be working on the game UNTIL the release date. So because they don’t want to finish the game entirely and then wait another several weeks to be able to sell it, they ship out an early, unfinished build and release a day one patch that updates the game to its finished state.

      1. That is usually the reason yes, and no doubt a few hundred megabytes of this patch is part of that.
        However they deliberately excised the multiplayer component from the game to fit it on a smaller cartridge.
        The multiplayer was planned to be a downloaded component from the get go – and they’ve been open about that. I don’t have an issue it because you only need this update to play multiplayer, the story is playable to completion (provided you’re offline) without it.
        Upcoming L.A. Noire though is a simple case of the developer lobbing costs onto their consumers because they can though.

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