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Here’s The Xenoblade Chronicles 2 “Close Call” Commercial

As the release date for the gigantic Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Nintendo Switch draws nearer, Nintendo of America have produced a short but sweet TV commercial. The thirty-second TV advert highlights the simplicity of the Switch allowing you to play the lengthy JRPG in the comfort of home on the big screen or outside. Have  a watch below. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 launches December 1st.


  1. I played the first one and didn’t like the MMO-styled gameplay. I don’t know, it just got boring and repetitive after a while and the story wasn’t good enough for me to push forward. Maybe they did something to the gameplay in the sequel to make it more exciting to play that I don’t know about, that would definitely make me want to give the series another chance. But judging by what I’ve seen, the battle system looks the same as the first Xenoblade.

  2. He pronounced it “zennoblade”. This is an official commercial and he pronounced it “zennoblade”.

    It’s “zeenoblade”! “Zeenoblade”! What the hell is wrong with you people!?

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