Nintendo Switch

US: Axiom Verge Physical Editions On Nintendo Switch Launch November 21

We finally have a confirmed date for the physical editions of the Metroid inspired Axiom Verge on the Nintendo Switch. You will be able to get your hands on them on November 21st in North America. Here’s the details:

  • The Multiverse Edition goes for US$39.99/C$54.99 and includes a 5-hour documentary Blu-ray, an art book, a poster and a soundtrack CD.
  • The standard edition goes for US$29.99.





  1. I’m a bit confused as to why the Switch Multiverse Edition is $10 more than the PS4/Vita ME. The Vita one also comes on a cartridge!


  2. physical might be the reason i get this game…. im a metroid fan and heard this is like that.

    also physical is how you save a ton of data on switch. 10 games and counting only 2 digital and those weren’t even a gig compared to my xbox one which is maxed out at 7 games before i have to delete one

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