The Game Awards 2017 Game Of The Year Nominees Revealed

It’s fast approaching that time of year when The Game Awards begins. The prestigious  nominees for the event have been announced and you can check them out below. The Game Awards takes place on December 7th. You can place your votes right here.

GOTY is:
– The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
– Super Mario Odyssey
– Persona 5
– Horizon Zero Dawn
– PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Most nominated games

WIth six nominations:
– The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
– Super Mario Odyssey
– Horizon Zero Dawn
– Destiny 2

With five nominations:
– Cuphead

With four nominations:
– Persona 5
– Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

With three nominations
– PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
– NieR: Automata
– Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
– Resident Evil 7: biohazard

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  1. BotW will easily take the cake unless Oddysea recent success freshness affects the votes. if Horizon Dawn or P5(played it, finished it, and really no idea why is a 10/10 still, I even liked P4 more) win, you know Sony took out his wallet.

    1. Call it blasphemy, but I didn’t really enjoy BotW, But Mario Odyssey is probably my third favorite game ever. And it has nothing to do with the recentness of Mario.

  2. I found Odyssey Incredible charming and fun, it’s a feeling i didn’t had since Mario 64… I loved Breath of the wild, and is one if my favorite Zelda Games ever ( and i have played every one of them) but for some reason, i still want Odyssey to win the GOTY award.

    1. It will win game of the year 2019/2020 when its more likely to be released. Just no way this will be out next year

    1. I swear. I didn’t realize that there were so many of them.
      But I’m tipping BOTW cos that game redefines Open World conventions. It’s obviously better than almost anything on the list… But P5 though.

  3. Why is PUBG in for game of the year . it’s not even 1.0 (it’s still in beta ) pulling for with Super Mario Odyssey or BOTW .

  4. Persona 5 easily gets my vote even though I love BotW and Odyssey. It won’t win though because both Zelda and Mario are history making games.

  5. Man… A lot of great games this year. Hoping BotW will win a lot though I could unfortunately see HZD stealing some away. Glad to see NieR: Automata getting some love too.

  6. Lol.. wow. PUBG is still early access.
    The other nominees are great though.
    It really shouldn’t have an unfinished game on there, but whatever. Doesn’t actually matter anyway.

  7. Odyssey is a great game but I personally found it short and fleeting. BOTW on the other hand really pulled me in for months. I didn’t rush, I just wandered around Hyrule for months and then finally completed it in July but the DLC will keep me busy as will the Korok seed hunting. So for that reason, I really want BOTW to win, if it doesn’t oh well. Not the end of the world…. except for Hyrule though :P

  8. You know what?

    This has been a damn good year for video games! Lots of successful experimentation and/or evolution of established franchises or genres, resulting in many unexpected hits and several clear classics in the making!

  9. I just want game of the year to be either Odyssey or Breath of the Wild. PUBG and P5 are good but BOTW and Odyssey are in a whole other class. If I had to pick between one of them I think I would lean Odyssey because Mario has always been my favorite gaming series but I would still be get hyped if BOTW wins GOTY.

  10. >Most anticipated game
    >No Metroid Prime
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    I also noticed they fubling up Fire Emblem name and images too much….

  11. I have that I have to make choices between BotW and Odyssey in so many categories. I wish in a way they’d released in different years, for the awards sake I mean.

  12. NieR: Automata didn’t get more nominations & wasn’t added into GotY category? Oh right. This is an American ran game awards where most people wouldn’t know a good JRPG if it slit their throats.

    *PUBG (…???…excuse me, but, wtf is PUBG?)
    yes! Mutha F**kers! I said YAWN!!
    *PERSONA 5…probably the baddest game YOU’VE never played!!
    *SONIC FORCES…wait a minute. WTF do you mean “it’s not nominated?!” if EVENT HORIZON YAWN has one then why not Sonic? …yes mutha f**kers, I SAID YAWN!!
    a game so legendary. It saved a man from committing suicide. Now that’s badass!!
    *MARIO ODYSSEY…yeah, I played this one & personally. I would’ve went back to the city & hooked up with Pauline! Sorry Peach, i saved your ass for over 30 years & a brother can’t get absolutely NO SEXUAL HEALING?!! Im getting back with Pauline!! She’s tall, can sing her curvy butt off, & she’s the mayor!! Nothing is hotter than a tall brunette babe in politics!!!

    & game of the year goes to:

    DESTINY!!! Lmao

  14. Unfortunately PUBG is allowed to be nominated
    Are early access games eligible for The Game Awards?

    Yes, any games available for public consumption by the deadline are eligible for potential nomination. It’s up to the jury to decide if a title warrants nomination for creative and/or technical excellence in any given year.

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