Mario Could Be Making His Way To The Big Screen Thanks To Universal Illumination

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Mario will be making his way to the cinema in a new deal with Universals Illumination. Illumination help make animated movies and its close to reaching an agreement with Nintendo on a deal.


Thanks to N-Dub Nation for the tip!



    1. No because we don’t even saw a trailer.

      Also from my spies I found an important information. God Shigeru Miyamoto is also working on this movie. So no worries.


  1. I was hoping DreamWorks or Blue Sky, but at least it isn’t Pixar. Before people get huffy, Pixar have changed into a company trying to make you cry, and that is it. DreamWorks at least can develop a story and Blue Sky gave a true to form Peanuts movie. Illumination can… Make it fun, hopefully. Just need to avoid fart jokes, serious actor casting, like Sandra Bullock, edgy tattooed pigs, adult content, and political agenda… i guess everything they have done in the past.

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      1. That actor is so awesome! So awesome, in fact, that you can’t WAIT to see his character bite the dust!


  2. Also, Mario as a movie? Bad idea unless it’s 3D animated, cast Charles with limited dialog, NO SUNSHINE-LIKE VOICE ACTING and a simple “peach gets kidnapped” plot with some other subplot like Mario Bros. 3. I don’t mind if they make a movie heavily based on Bros. 3 which is my favorite Mario game of all time next to World, 64 and Galaxy.


    1. Home about having as much dialog as Sonic.

      This is a big-budget MOVIE. M-O-V-I-E! Not a player-controls-Mario-therefore-IS-Mario experience. And this isn’t a tiny plant-finding robot from a doomed crater which was once Planet Earth.

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      1. Hey! I like the Minions! Besides, that’s more along the line of how the Rabbids do on a movie or television show. lol


  3. What I’ve seen of Illumination has been mostly “meh” to bland to dull to corporate. I’m a little skeptical to say the least.


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