Fire Emblem Heroes Gets A Major Update

Nintendo’s mobile hit Fire Emblem Heroes is receiving a huge update today that’s sure to impress those who are playing the game. The update will also hopefully draw in new players. Here’s a few highlights regarding what to expect from the mobile title.

  1. Season 2 (“Book 2”) of the storyline is starting. You get a free 5 star character as part of it.
  2. There’s a new CG trailer for it here:
  3. Main Story and Paralogue quests will now only cost 10 stamina at most.
  4. There’s a new weapon refinery feature to improve weapons. Most just gain stats, but some gain new abilities.
  5. For example, Ephraim’s Seigmund gets “Unit Makes a guaranteed follow-up attack when HP is greater than or equal to 90% and attacking a foe that can counter”
  6. Healers are all getting new abilities at 5 stars. For example, Sakura has gained “Fear+ (Mt:12, Rng: 2 – “After Combat, inflicts Atk-7 on Target and foes within 2 spaces of target through their next actions)” and “Physic+ (Rng: 2 – Restores HP = 50% of Atk. Minimum of 8 HP)”
  7. Other examples include Absorb +, Fear +, Slow+ Gravity+, Pain+, Panic+, Candlelight+, Physic+, Recover+, Martyr+, and Rehabilitate+.
  8. There will be a new Choose Your Legend banner. This was the character vote if you don’t remember.
  9. There will also be a new banner with a 8% 5 star pull rate for banner units, and a 0% for non-banner 5 star units, so your pull rate doesn’t get reset by random other units.
  10. The skills in this image have had their cooldowns reduced.
  11. The unit barracks now has 100 additional slots.
  12. There was also just the regular new banner and Tempest Trial announced.




  1. Ok cool but personally I’m hoping for a Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance remake for the switch! Probably won’t happen but I’d buy that in a heart beat if they did something like that.

  2. Longest and most money spent on a mobile game for me, and does not look like I’m going to stop it any time soon.

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