Geoff Keighley Has Said To “Expect The Unexpected” At The Video Game Awards

Geoff Keighley is busy hyping up the prestigious The Game Awards which will take place next month. It’s sure to be a great event for gamers regardless of which platform they play on. We are expecting about 13 reveal videos at the event, some of them big titles and some of them smaller, but nonetheless it’s sure to be something special.



      1. In all honesty, even some of the die hards that make excuses for sony are getting tired of all the early announcements. So heres hoping they finally have reveal dates at PSX.


      1. What you mean “again”? If I fucking see Knack ANYWHERE on the list or even peep a reference, I’ll just quit life. EA is terrible but that fucking overrated boredom they call a video game shouldn’t exist.


      2. Knack 2 can be a good game but I saw some reviews that said the same thing.

        Sometimes Knack 2 repeats the same command and it’s quite boring.


    1. Someone please enlighten me! I thought all the people you find in comment sections who write “Knack 2 GOTY”, “Knack 2 is better than Zelda” etc. are just being sarcastic because the game is such a disappointment. Are these people actually serious and think Knack 2 is a great game? It has a Meta rating of 69, it’s loved by nobody!

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  1. I’m thinking more info on the Champion’s Ballad DLC, maybe a new trailer for another big Nintendo IP. If they even teased the possibility of a new F-Zero I’d cream on the spot.
    Also hoping for some more stuff about Death Stranding. Kojima pls.

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    1. ||High Command will not announce key Switch weaponry in neutral territories unless it is some type of deluxe version of an older weapon…||

      ||Key third class weaponry they will…||

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