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Europe: Resident Evil Revelations Switch Collection Isn’t Getting A Physical Release

There’s some bad news for those of you in Europe who were hoping to get a physical release for the upcoming Resident Evil Revelations on the Nintendo Switch. Capcom has confirmed today that the survival horror title won’t get a physical release in Europe. Here’s the company’s statement regarding Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2.

Capcom has to take various factors into account when deciding what format to deliver our titles to our fans. These can include but are not limited to overall production costs, manufacturing times, distribution, and first party regulations. In the case of Resident Evil Revelations, we’ve found that unfortunately it’s not viable for Capcom Europe to create a physical version of the title on Nintendo Switch for our territories, however we will be making this available as a digital release.



  1. I don’t really mind.
    But I do remember them saying that the games would cost 40$ total (20$ each), no matter how you bought them.
    Euro eshop, the games cost 20€ and 25€, 45€ total.
    That is BS, especially since they distributing it only via eshop.

    Though I would save so much, if I bought everything with weak ass dollars.

  2. That’s bad news for Capcom. Their sales will be poorer than what they already expect with this move.
    Anyway Capcom is no more a big publisher, it can’t take any risk. It looks very weak at present as a company.
    I spent nice moments with their products when they were strong enough to publish Breath of Fire IV, but now I feel they became a really weak company unable to sustain markets other than their domestic one, I’m sorry for them.

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