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GameStop: Third Quarter Sales Results Helped By Nintendo Switch Sales

North American retailer GameStop have published their third quarter sales results and they have been helped no end by the Nintendo Switch and collectables, which presumably includes amiibo figures. Games Industry reports that hardware sales were up 8.8% from $284.4 million to $309 million. Collectables increased by 26.5% from $109.4 million to $138.4 million.

“Our third quarter sales results were driven by strong software demand and continued momentum for Nintendo Switch and collectables,”

-Dan DeMatteo, interim chief executive officer.



  1. I’m pretty sure the last people who want Nintendo to go third party is GameStop. I think the nintendo switch has prolonged their life a bit

  2. It always annoys me how much space PS and Xbox get compares to Nintendo items. Dot not know if they pay for it, but kinda putting Nintendo stuff in the back and not visible sometimes.

    1. Not sure about yours but my nearest GameStop put Nintendo in the front. Nintendo, Sony, & Microsoft have roughly the same sized areas, too. (The rest of the store is collectibles, clothes, board games, backpacks, etc.)

  3. GameStop isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Even if digital does take over, GameStop will make more than enough money off collectibles, clothes, backpacks, toys, etc. They’ve definitely future proofed themselves for when that day comes.

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