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Rainway Developer Shows Cuphead Streaming On Nintendo Switch

The impressive Rainway application which allows games to be streamed from your PC to devices which possess a web browser has still yet to authorised by Nintendo. However, that hasn’t stopped the developer showcasing Cuphead running on the Nintendo Switch using the application. Sadly the beta has been pushed back to January 20th.


  1. Nice bait. It’s not running on the switch, it’s being streamed to it using Rainway, a STREAMING SERVICE. COMPLETELY different thing.

    I trusted this source, but I’m leaving if they keep baiting like this.

    1. The “Running” word was about the application perfomance on switch. this was my first thought. and the reality

      Then my second (troll) thought was about to ignore the First thought and pretend an attack on the writer who make bait articles. just for fun.

      That was my thoughts. and also exactly your thoughts too. Well done we are like brothers on that.

  2. Just give us Cuphead on the Switch. Everyone and their grandma goes on and on about this game (and Undertale, and A Hat in Time, and Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy, and Sonic Generations), but Switch owners don’t get the chance to play it.

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