New Metroid: Samus Returns Trailer Explains Why Samus Is One Of The Bravest Bounty Hunters Out There

The latest official trailer for Metroid: Samus Returns, titled Universe Trailer, showcases why Samus Aran is one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy. You can find out why in the below video transmission about the hunter behind the visor and humanity’s first encounter with the Metroid species. Metroid: Samus Returns is available now as a Nintendo 3DS exclusive.


  1. The complete opposite of what Other M was.

    Metroid’s back baby. I’ve been ignoring this game for a while though as I get preoccupied with my Switch. After I finish DOOM I’m finishing this. No ifs, ands, or butts.

    1. Commander, I call upon your attention.
      Jag använder vårt gemensamma språk för att hänvisa till ett hemligt ämne.
      Har vi en ”Reaver” inom Ordern?
      Om inte så är fallet, är jag rädd att vi har en bedragare ibland oss…
      Du kan gå till inlägget angående Sonic Forces ”Sanic T-Shirt” om du vill finna honom.

      End of Report.
      Enforcer Out.

  2. This trailer is completely pointless. Still waiting for Metroid Prime 4 to show how amazing it’ll look and play in HD. Also, I still wouldn’t recommend this game over AM2R, not a chance in hell especially since they make you pay $13-30 to unlock a fucking mode.

    1. I mean supporting a fanmade project over an official release isn’t something I’m keen on, especially when I want Prime 4 and other future metroid games. Support the developer 👍

    2. ||AM2R is nothing but a corrupt disease, anything unofficial is not recognised by The First Order, F”#&¤%&¤ F”#%¤% doesn’t even count in any way at all because it is as bad as an Xbot…||

      1. Excuse me? That’s surprising coming from you. The dude spent 10 fucking years making it all on his own and never asked for a penny and did it for the fans. Or would you rather take Chibi Force over AM2R? Because the way Nintendo dealt with AM2R just to launch that kiddy POS is borderline disgusting and I was about to skip Samus Returns over that shit and speaking of which, fuck SR’s Amiibo content locking.

        1. ||I’m all about purity, what anyone else does is of no concern of mine, and maybe you should re-read the part about that virus, it’s even lower than what I think of unofficial, things…||

            1. ||Either you have reading difficulties or you simply have the mind of cattle, maybe if you read it a few more times will you understand what I think of that, virus…||

              ||Other M on the other is recognised as Metroid by The First Order, but it is the lowerst ranked by far and is only saved by its essence…||

                1. ||Irrelevant, only my verdict matters, there is no Metroid loyalist above me, including the Creators…||

      2. I’d rather take Chibi Force over Samus Returns, my bad blood with 2D Metroids that fails to stand up to the greatness of the original trilogy is well documented….

    3. It’s the holidays. They are trying to make the series a success again. AM2R has nothing to do with it, however you might think about it.
      You can enjoy the whole game including regular hard mode without owning the amiibo, but I agree it’s not the best content to lock behind the amiibo, especially considering it is quite rare now.. This type of content should at least be available to just buy as DLC (cheaper than the amiibo of course).

      1. Oh really? Then how come it looked like they started making the game around the same time FF reveal got shit on and AM2R had more public attraction? Also, it’s no fucking coincidence that among one of their PRs of Samus Returns before launch, they show off the exact same artwork AM2R used in it’s end credits around the time AM2R fans started a boycott in 2017 summer. I’m not that fucking stupid. Nintendo knew about AM2R and used it as means to pretend they care again when it’s just them in panic mode to damage control their Wii U era of stupidity on shoving one casual garbage after another down our throats. Chibi Force was one of them.

        1. Dude, I said AM2R has nothing to do with this trailer and its purpose. That’s why I said “however you might feel about it” in an attempt to keep it neutral.

          So however you feel about the AM2R issue it’s got nothing to do with this trailer for the holidays and Nintendo’s current effort trying to make this series a success again. (even if you think it was the reason this game exist, it’s got nothing to do with their current effort.)

          So maybe you could stop your rant? Be glad the series is alive again. (Although, I guess you’re going to rip MP4 apart as well if there is anything they do that you don’t like. So really you’re ruining it for yourself.)

    4. Metriod Samas Returns was developed in 2015 and got release in 2017. We still have games developed in 2016 by 3rd party and 1st party developers. Don’t be surprised if they announce Mega Man Legends 3 during 2018 for the 3DS.

  3. This really is a solid intro to the Metroid franchise. If you want to tell a friend/family member about Metroid, show them this video.

  4. I already know why. She’s gone to several highly hostile planets BY HERSELF & kicked everything’s ass BY HERSELF!

    1. Smash 5? (I’m looking forward to see even a trailer at least. Hoping to see adventure mode again and smash run).

  5. I actually did not mind Metroid other M. If I was critical it was the dialog I wish they went in another direction but still I love the Metroid series and samus returns looks very good. I can tell you super excited for prime 4. My first Metroid was the original and I will continue to play it and super Metroid for years and years it’s a blast

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