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Japan: Famitsu Polled Its Readers To Find Out Which System They Are Buying Next

Japanese gaming publication Famitsu recently polled its readers to find out which video game hardware they plan on purchasing next. There were 724 responses in total, although ‘No current plans to purchase a new games machine’ was at 389 and ‘Other’ was at 32. Here’s what those who are planning to buy a system plan to game on next:

  1. Nintendo Switch – 123
  2. PlayStation 4 Pro – 62
  3. PlayStation 4 – 41
  4. New Nintendo 2DS LL – 23
  5. Xbox One X – 20
  6. PlayStation Vita – 16
  7. New Nintendo 3DS – 9
  8. Xbox One S – 9


16 thoughts on “Japan: Famitsu Polled Its Readers To Find Out Which System They Are Buying Next”

    1. We mustn’t waste our resources on those scum, Commander, they are not worth our time.

      We must focus on eliminating the true threat, the Sonyans and their Playstation 4.

      The battle may be tough, but we shall stand strong because the Nintendo nation will not go down without a fight!

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||The Xbots are more than merely a threat, that’s why they need to be exterminated as soon as possible…||

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  2. It’s a mystery how Nintendo got it right this time. The Switch is in a very good position despite it being weaker than the competition…
    However, i think exclusives will make better use of the hardware and graphics.

    1. The formula is clear: Good hardware, good games. It flooded the market with Nintendo games and conquered it. Still if the hardware was weak like the Wii U (a bulky toy) it would have not been so sharp (the conquest).
      Now Nintendo should know that can’t count on third party support and need to offer at least a good quality game every month. Then third parties will help somewhat to diversify the offering, still Nintendo need to support their own market every month with one of their games. People just do buy.

      P.S.: Hardware isn’t weak, it’s the best offering as an handheld, let’s not forget that they have invested in an onerous partnership, and it paid off!

  3. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

    Being that this is Japan, of course the Switch would be number one thanks to it’s portability.

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