Nintendo Switch

The “Sanic T-shirt” Now Available For Free Download In Sonic Forces

Those of you who purchased Sonic Forces will be pleased to hear that the Sanic T-Shirt is now available for free. There’s absolutely no charge for the download so you can customise your avatar with it. Sonic Forces is out now on the Nintendo Switch.



  1. I wonder what will happen when another company decides to ask SEGA for permission to do a proper Adventure title (no stupid gimmicks, no memes, no joke writers, use of the Dreamcast Adventure Engine (because no one knows the name for it)). SEGA isn’t going to do it, so why wait around and watch the franchise rot, or lean towards nostalgia bias for Sonic’s earliest incarnation.

    We need a company dedicated to the Adventure series. I’ll even start it, if it’ll get me away from this site, YouTube, and any salty Sonic sites, because I’ve had enough!

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  2. Was gonna get this for Switch at 40 bucks but now I’ll wait til I can get it for 20 bucks instead. So now I’ll be watching their pages on PS4 & Switch & whichever one has a deal for 20 bucks for the game first will be the system I buy it on.


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