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Nintendo Treehouse Talk About How They Localised “Jump Up, Super Star!”

The Nintendo Treehouse blog on Tumblr is a fascinating insight into localisation. The latest entry describes how the team localised the Super Mario Odyssey theme song “Jump Up, Super Star!” It was hard work for the team to translate the original Japanese song lyrics into something memorable and catchy. You can read exactly how they went through the stages, right here.


  1. Had anyone asked why they hired Kate Higgins to sing it?
    She doesn’t have that good a voice, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was yet another example of collusion.

  2. They are great when localizing games for all ages or games not rated “T for teen” and up. Should create a new team for the T & M rated games, though, because they suck at those most of the time. *remembers the changes to Fire Emblem Fates’ dialogue & wouldn’t be surprised if they were involved with the localization of Fatal Frame V: Maiden of Black Water, too*

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