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NPD Analyst: Nintendo Switch On Track To Surpass Wii Sales Over First 10 Months Of Sales

NPD Analyst Mat Piscatella has commented on the Reset Era forums and has stated that with the way things are the Nintendo Switch is poised to surpass Wii sales over the first 10 months of sales in North America. Here’s what he had say:

“Switch is on pace to exceed Wii by 20%+ over the first 10 months of sales. The thing is though, the Switch, from a demographic and usage basis, is nothing like the Wii. It’s much more a core gamer console than anything Nintendo has done since maybe NGC? …and because it’s a hybrid, multi console ownership per household could be a thing, making upside potential bigger than the Wii.”

“If Pokemon comes next year I can easily see Switch outpacing Wii and taking 40+ share of the hardware market next year, but it does depend on if Pokemon is next year or not.”


18 thoughts on “NPD Analyst: Nintendo Switch On Track To Surpass Wii Sales Over First 10 Months Of Sales”

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      1. Yeah, no as great as the Metroid Prime trilogy was, hardware sales will hardly change with its release. You’ll get maybe an extra 500,000 consoles sold during opening week and then not provide a substantial change in sales from there on out. Pokemon sells a consistent 15 million copies per release and would force the 3ds crowd to grab a Switch if they haven’t already. Pokemon is MASSIVE. Metroid Prime is AWESOME. MASSIVE trumps AWESOME in hardware sales every time (not to say that Pokemon games are bad, they’re consistently solid).

    1. That’s a serious lot of wiis. I mean I’ve probably had 55500 in my lifetime and I’m 38, but then that could be more if I’ve been drinking. Lol

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