Nintendo Switch

US: Adobe Digital Has Revealed The Five Best-Selling Products Of Black Friday Online

Adobe Digital has been tracking consumer spends over Black Friday and has been finding out what consumers have been purchasing. Interestingly, despite the lack of discounts, it’s the Nintendo Switch which was the most purchased product in the US.

Welcome to our holiday showcase. Try these numbers on for size: 4,500 retail websites, 55 million SKUs, and more than one trillion visits. Through Adobe Experience Cloud, we analyze billions of datapoints up-to-the-minute and deliver the most comprehensive and accurate retail insights in the industry. It’s our gift to you, to last the season and beyond.


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  1. Also the most expensive out of that bunch… can’t wait to see the final numbers for this past weekend and then you have the cyber monday and even though there is no deal with the Switch, some sites might have game or accessory discounts … Gonna be a good week to work at Nintendo this week.

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  2. And the Switch continues to be a very hot big selling item even despite a discount. Not only was it the best selling gaming system in the US but the selling item there period? WOW…..the Switch is for real….it’s a force to be reckoned with

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    1. That is 100% true, paid. Next month, I’m planning on buying the Switch along with a MicroSD memory card and at least two games (one physical and one via eShop [Rocket League]).

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    2. ||The sooner the Xbot infection is dead, the sooner we can all focus all our resources and combine our forces against the Sonyan imbeciles…||

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  3. Despite the “new” Xbox One model, despite the PS4 dropping prices like flies and despite Nintendo not dropping a 8-9 month old Switch console, it still beat the shit out of all competition. Life is good. X3

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