Hashimoto: Big New Final Fantasy Titles Coming In 2018

Shinji Hashimoto, brand manager of the popular Final Fantasy franchise, has announced that the company has big new Final Fantasy titles coming in 2018. What titles these are remain to be seen. They could be remakes, or something new entirely. We shall have to wait to find out.


    1. The best FF game, second is FF Tactics.
      FFVI and Tactics were created during a time when FF had good writers, unlike the trash being flung out the doors of SE today.
      Kinda wish they would do something more with Valkyrie Profile aside from ruining that great franchise by buying Enix and turning VP into a trash mobile cash grab. Square Enix (formally known as SquareSoft) is a garbage company with trash stories plaguing all of their games as if it’s imitating DC recent movies, just sayin.

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    1. Almost correct.
      There were the Square Soft with the old producer of Final Fantasy and the supervisor was God Miyamoto (what can you expect?)

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  1. Honestly, the last game I would want is XIV, I like MMO’s but I think is really not fitting for the Switch. FFXV, FFVII Remake, or FFVI Remake would be incredible announcements that would send the internet into a frenzy, let’s hope guys.


    1. With so many places having free wi-fi spots these days, an MMO on a portable would be a great idea actually.


  2. Take your time. I’m pretty content with FFXV & I got FFIX, X & X-2, & XII (need to buy this one soon) on the back burner.


    1. OH & I’ll take an HD remaster of FFVIII thank you with slightly updated graphics. Remakes of Crystal Chronicles & a triple A remake of Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King would also be nice.


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