Nintendo Of America Is Giving Fans The Chance To Win Tickets To The Game Awards

Nintendo of America are giving five fans the chance to win a pair of tickets to The Game Awards 2017. The awards will take place on 7th December at the Microsoft Theater in LA.

The competition runs from today at 12:00 pm (PT) through to 11:59pm this evening. All you have to do to take part is Retweet the below Tweet from the Nintendo of America Twitter account, and include the following hashtag at the beginning of your tweet: #NintendoSweepstakes.

Only one entry is permitted per person, and the lucky winners will be informed by tomorrow, 28th November. Good luck to those entering!

Thanks, N-Dub Nation


      1. You sound like you have horrible taste, but what can expect when you dish a whole genre like a moron, I pity the fools that never enjoyed games such as the Prime series, Bioshock, Doom, and Mirror edge.

  1. 12 games will be announced during the event

    12 games… And Nintendo of America is givind tickets to fans for see the even

    Could it be MP4… or F-Zero… or Star Fox… or Fire Emblem… or SMASH5… or a complete new game…

    Nintendo must win this year. We can’t let Nintendo lose this event. Come on Nintendo fans lets join the battle

  2. As much of a gamer as I am, award shows mean nothing to me. So you can only but guess what I think about the golden glode awards and academy awards (and emmys). Meh, meh, and more meh. Though going to the video game awards would be cool, only because I might get a chance to meet Reggie and Miyamoto etc.

    1. I kinda agree, though I do appreciate the fact that they are there. They show the size and importance of this industry, give some credit to some devs who worked their asses off to get stuff done and in this case might also have some announcements for new stuff for us. Of course they are also way too commercial and focused on ads and partners while just a very uncritical promotionfest for companies like EA and Ubisoft, but still I guess it’s OK that it is here and having one major award show in the year for games is not the worst thing to have.

      Then again, I got no clue who cotes for these awarded games. When Bayonetta 2 won the title for the best actiontitle, I couldn’t really be overly excited. Although I owned that kinda dead-on-arrival-Wii-U and should have been. But it was like some randomly put together jury on the other side of the globe voted for some things that would make some webtraffic
      to please advertising partners. Everything really always is like watching some MTV awards.

      Oscars and Golden Globes in comparison feel like there are actually people behind the choices who choose the awards because they really watched that stuff before. Not that they are really critical or objective-of course they’re not-but these shows feel less like advertising-television.

  3. Hmmm…..Nintendo has something special planned for us. Could it be a Metroid Prime 4 trailer? A Pokémon Switch reveal trailer? A Smash 5 tease? Man…….the possibilities are endless. Makes me wonder…………

    1. I think MP4 is pretty likely. I can imagine, Nintendo teased that game on purpose at E3 while not showing more than a logo to now hit us with a trailer right before christmas. Marketingwise it would make perfect sense.Smash 5 would be superhuge, especially at such a mainstream-event.

    1. I guess it’d be better than a Cranky Kong reveal that was leaked before the game awards event. lol

        1. Late 2014 & all of 2015 was so terrible in the Nintendo area of the video game industry. 2016 wasn’t any better, though.

      1. Ninty tends to make a big deal out of everything, thats why im expecting the DLC. Plus, theyve been doing great, its almost time they trip over theyre own feet lol

            1. Agreed. We don’t want a repeat of the last time they made a console that sold extremely well as we got one of their worst systems ever after that one.

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