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Amazon US: Super Mario Odyssey Is The Best Selling Video Game Of 2017 So Far

The fantastic Super Mario Odyssey launched on October 27th and has already made it to the top of Amazon’s best-selling video game list of 2017. However, the year isn’t over just yet, but it’s hard to see any other releases topping its reign at the top of the charts.


  1. Well, you can also say that Nintendo claimed the top 3 spots for physical video games. But the limited hard drive space, high resale value, and collectability of Nintendo games means that Nintendo is selling a much higher % of physical games than digital, while everyone else is moving in the opposite direction. So all those Playstation gift cards outselling Nintendo games is important. Really, this doesn’t tell us anything, except that Nintendo consumers are buying a lot of retail copies.

    1. Knowing Sony, they wouldve came out and made a big deal out of it if their digital sells. I mean, this is the company that bragged about the PS4’s numbers while ignoring that the Vita was a thing. So I REALLY doubt their digital sales are that much bigger than their physical sales.

      1. Eh, digital sales across all platforms crossed the 50% mark in 2014, and we know that number increases year over year. I think its fair to say that Sony’s digital sales account for a larger portion of their total sales than Nintendo’s digital does. And since digital sales decrease physical sales, the numbers are stacked slightly against Sony here. But it does tell indie/small studios that physical versions may be worth it on the Switch, and that’s great.

        1. Actually, in 2014 it accounted for over 60% but this is for overall digital sales in gaming. Which also included all the growing platforms like GOG, GMG, STEAM (which keeps getting bigger,) and the all mighty humble bundle. I do get what you mean, but trust me, Sony has never passed up on the opportunity to flex its dick, its in Sony’s nature to remind you, that they are doing better than the other companies. And when they arent, they dont say shit.

          Also, SD cards are dirt cheap, you can pick up a 128gb for like $45. And when games reach almost 50GB on PS4 and XBO, you cant really use the switchs internal memory as an “excuse” for the increase of physical sales. Oh by the way, some XBO X games are closing on 100GB size, so again, thats no excuse.

          1. Even less! I got a 128gb just this week for $28 on sale. But for only 128gb that is still incredibly expensive when you look at $/gb. My 4 terabyte external was $80. When we’re talking $/gb, we’re talking 2 cents per gig vs 21 cents per gig. That’s more than 10 times the cost, even after the best sale I’ve seen all year. To match that size, you would need 32 128gb cards for almost $900 when I can get a 4tb drive for $90 any day of the week. And I could still fit 40 100gb xbox games on there.

            So I think it really does have an influence, when its MY main excuse for buying all of my Switch games retail, and I hadn’t bought a retail game in years. That plus Best Buy’s GCU means physical game are 20% less. I feel pretty confident that I’m not the only one who has switched back to primarily retail.

            1. Hence why I hope my 200gb Micro SD Card can last with just me buying the exclusives I want on Switch. Otherwise, I’m looking at spending over 100 bucks on the Switch if the 200gb one runs out before the exclusives I want stop coming. Which is less than what I’d spend if I could have gotten a 1 or 2tb external hard drive for Switch instead. (The only exclusives I’d get physical will be Pokemon, Smash, & Mario Kart, if it gets a brand new game that isn’t a Wii U port. I’m going on the hope that next gen will let us carry over our previously bought games to the next system either free of charge or for a very small porting fee. If not, well I guess I’ll be keeping my Switch & PS4 for a while even after their replacements arrive.)

            2. Lol I just saw a 128GB micro SD for $27 this morning at bestbuy. So even cheaper. I get your point, but I said in previous post, this is Sony were talking about, and you make logical sense, but this is SONY lol

              Just a few days ago, the Switch was crowned the best selling intertainment product this black friday and what did Sony do? They came out and said that this black friday was their best black friday ever lol

              This is a company that doesnt like being out done, so of this was the case, they WOULD have definitely said something to bullshit their way out of anything that outshines them.

  2. It’s been a long time since we could say Nintendo was actually competing with themselves & not just the competition.

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