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Rocket League: Velocity Crate Starts Dropping On December 4

Fans of Rocket League have something to look forward next Monday when the game gets the Velocity Crate. This new Crate includes an additional vehicle, six more decals and engine audio that can be used on other cars. The futuristic feel is sure to go down well with some players. For those not familiar with Rocket League Crates, Crates and Keys are essentially microtransactions that allow players to unlock items. Keys can be purchased to unlock Crates, which offer special item drops such as “exclusive bodies, decals, goal explosions, rocket boosts, and wheels”. Keys can also be traded with other players online.

Check out the official announcement below:

Finally, your passion for Rocket League and love of all things 1980s pop culture are coming together!

Our new ‘Velocity Crate’ debuts this Monday, December 4 with a new Battle-Car at center stage. The ‘Imperator DT5’ is ripped right out of your synthwave- and futurism-fueled dreams along with six new Decals and Engine Audio that can be used on most of the other Battle-Cars in your Garage.

Other Crate items include new Goal Explosions, Wheels, Player Banners and more! In fact, you can see the new ‘Dueling Dragons’ Goal Explosion and the ‘Hikari P5’ and ‘Equalizer’ Wheels in the image above, while the Imperator DT5 is shown in the image below.

Let us know what you think on TwitterFacebook and our Subreddit and then check back in with us again when the Velocity Crate drops in early next week!

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  1. Love the game but nope not gna waste money on dumb crates. I spent 5 dollars just to show support for the game cus I really like it and I gta say that must have been one of the worst ways I could have ever spent 5 dollars.

      1. That’s wt I’m saying lol I was like alright at least a dollar unlocks all the cool stuff in that crate and then I used a key and I got one crappy random decal for a car I don’t even have. Robbed me blind! lol

  2. They should optimised the game better on dock because on Co-op alot of stages make the game look like literally like a ps2 game with crazy low resolution. it looks really like a stupid shit. and the gameplay is ruined if you want to play with your friend on home.

    1. Drawing the game twice for splitscreen multiplayer is literally twice as demanding, which is why you’ll also find that splitscreen games on PS2 barely hold up to PSX games.

      1. Wrong. Wrong because your facts are irrelevant to the case. its not about demanding its about optimised. There are stages that plays just perfect without a single drop of fps or pixels. but some other stages the dynamic resolution fucks them up. and drop it far far below than 720p. Even before the fucked up stage start you can detect that it looks 720p for maybe 1sec or less then the DR drop the 720p in front of your eyes. to crazy low resolution. that i cant tell if it looks like 480p or worse..

    2. A friend came over with his Switch and after over an hour of playing we realized this game has a coop mode. From then on, our team was pretty much always fucked as one of us was just a handicap but 2 of us ruined just pretty much every session. We’re just so damn bad ;D

      And while I agree it could run a bit better, I didn’t see the visuals being such a big deal. I mean in general it’s not a game you play for visualssake and having splitscreen here is already really great.

      1. Im talking about dock mode on a normal big tv and also you dont realise what im talking about or even if you ever played co op split screen. if you could understand what my comment was about you should know that im Not talking about the visuals like you meant to beaause you said “in general it’s not a game you play for visualssake” im not talking about “general” because in “general” the game looks exactly as it should be. Im talking about specific stages on co-op online also. these stages are NOT looking like the rest of them as it should be because the resolution go down in a scary lvl.

        You see what is the problem there? Specific stages looks good as it should be like 720p (only resolution and pixel wise is my case) And also there are stages that looks like 480p or worse.

        I can be even more specific.
        Exhibition-Soccar(mode)- Starbase ARC(arena) with your friend or solo test if you like. then you can see how ugly it is. You can also presh “Join the battle” and stay there and watch how much better it looks when it is on 720p and how it change when you join with the second controller on the stage.
        And here is the most important thing. On the online is even worse with more stages i think. because i test local co op 1 stage with mess resolution and it was fine.

    3. It absolutely is because things are being rendered twice for split screen. “Optimization” is not a magic wand. Dynamic resolution is lowering resolution because elements of that particular map are requiring it to in order to maintain steady frame rate. When a game is optimized to be as pretty as possible on a single screen and you then render it twice, things have to happen. Here, dynamic resolution is kicking in. Things do not just work because you want them to. Without access to their code, you literally cannot say that optimization is the problem and that its not a hardware bottleneck. Making video games is a balancing act between many things, including AI, physics, objects on screen, texture quality, resolution, frame rate, and more. When you push a machine to its limits (to the best of your ability, anyways), and you add more weight on one of those aspects, you have to remove weight from another. The developers job is to create the perfect balance that they think will give you the most enjoyment within the limitations of the given hardware.

      What you describe has been done, on purpose, to maintain a steady 60 frames per second, because the gaming community has decided that is more important than resolution for a game like this. If you want better, don’t play it on a tablet. It’s not a bug, its not being lazy. It is in the developers best interest to create the best looking game possible and they have done that to the best of their ability within a reasonable time frame.

      1. All this big comment is literally bunch of irrelevant bullshit. And it is because you speak about things that i already know. and it seems maybe better than you. Do you even know what are you talking about? because clearly you dont. You speak about general Laws that doesn’t have applied on the case by far.

        i will do a favor to you and explain again the case since it seems you dont even know the specific part im talking about and you think im talking about general stuff on rocket league. because i already explain on my comment below or above lol.

        1) IM not talking about the game as a whole.
        2) im talking about specific mode specific stages and that is co-op split screen.
        You didn’t knew these 2 parts like for real and play with them thats why you keep talking go test them as i describe on mine comment above or below.

        There is no limitations problem it is programing problem even even if im not sure about it i will just bet it to the chances. And these chances comes from the facts i know on the game. Facts like many stages (i haven”t count the number of the good stages vs bad stages on resolution) when you play (split screen only online) the resolution doesn’;t even lose 1 noticable pixel. and plays very easy.
        While some other stages the dynamic resolution go crazy like never before just infront in your eyes when you start the stages it drops below the normal. Like a crazy amount below that makes it like literally a ps2 game if not worse.

        This is optimization like they did on Doom (the same people i think?) they drop the game on 30fps something that the company said on the past they dont want to change 60fps yet they did. Something that should happend on that case too. and im not talking about the game as a whole agaim you should focus on that. and not forget it. and by optimization i mean they should drop it 30fps atleast on these stages to maintain it playlable because like this is disgusting much more than the “60fps” vs “30fps”. AND again you dont know what im talking about since you haven’t played the specific scenario. This is a crazy Pixel disaster when the dynamic resolution starts working its not normal to do it on THAT CRAZY LVL.

        And many games got Dynamic resolution but on that scale …nop there is no game (that i know for) done that so bad.

        1. I’ll just chalk it up to a language barrier at this point, because I have a hard time understanding most of what you say here (and that’s not a criticism. Kudos to you, I certainly can’t speak another language as well as you) but if you’re asking if I know what I’m talking about as far as programming and game development? Yes. Yes I do. And I’m not sure how I could explain my point more clearly or where the communication breakdown may be, so I’ll apologize because I seem to have offended you somehow, and move on.

          1. Im not english talker. im saying You and me we know the same things. thats why “your” things are wrong since i know them too. Wrong not as facts but because they cant appli to the case. My case.

            In other words the resolution drop very very low on specific stages when other stages have zero problems. and i mean very very low. this happening only on Co-op Multiplayer and online Mode. Not single player. and if this happend on single player the resolution downgrade is not noticeable by me. This is why i said “you dont know what are you talking about” because you was talking on me and my case when you cleary didn’t understand it. And all i said is they should make better work and they will make it because they make a comment about they will continue to optimise the game. And if they cant make it better they should drop the fps to 30 fps to fix the resolution back to normal on the 720p or even 600p.

            Also i make a comment above that i said specific way to check and the stage to see on offline mode how bad it is. (and maybe is abit worse on the online)

  3. Pretty sure EA is being investigated for gambling because of their loot crates. (Ugh. The thing that caused Gaia Online to go to shit was bullshit like this where you pay money for a chance at one random item. Now it’s infecting video games on video game consoles!? God help us all! D:

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