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A Pokemon Question Recently Showed Up In An Episode Of Jeopardy!

It is not often that game shows will mention Nintendo, but once in a blue moon, it happens. In fact, it happened on an episode of Jeopardy! just yesterday. Pokemon was brought up as the episode’s Final Jeopardy question, and the results were interesting. It’s not the first time this year that a Nintendo-related game appeared on the show. Earlier this year, a Zelda question showed up. As for the Pokemon mention, a low-quality video of the Final Jeopardy segment can be seen down below.



    1. You may have seen this last night, but not everyone else has. The news doesn’t revolve around just you, you know…

      1. Still late.

        But still, the SMO cereal has yet to be released, and XBC2 and YL have yet to be released, plus the holidays, so I guess it’s a slow news period.

      2. ||Ignore him Ambassador, he once blamed MNN and Nintendo themselves for ruining his entire human Christmas holiday because he didn’t get the news he wanted to hear…||

        ||Humans are so pathetic…||

      3. At least we don’t all pretend to be extraterrestials, xenomorphs, cyborgs, robots, or whatever the hell you THINK you are. Drop the fucking act already. It’s no longer cute.

        1. Just like the news doesn’t revolve around just you, neither does Quadraxis’ character in MNN. There’s plenty of us that DO enjoy his role playing, so speak for yourself, bub.

          1. Was I speaking for anyone else? Also, it’s been a few days now, so this article is even older and this conversation is even more irrelevant. Time to move on.

      4. Oh no he (or she) didn’t! lol Best comment I’ve read in a couple of days, so thanks!

  1. What the heck is Splat? Did she mean Splatoon? I didn’t expect the woman to get it right. But, Centipede? At one time, I would have easily guessed this. But I was thinking of Animal Crossing (due to the bug collecting). Even though that was 2001. I forgot Satoshi Tajiri created Pokémon.

      1. So board games are common knowledge, but video games are so “childish” and “nerdy” they can’t even guess Pokémon right, even when it’s the largest grossing franchise in the world? Makes me so angry I want to… splat som Play-Doh…

  2. So the guy who was in last place ended up winning because of a Pokémon Final Jeopardy question?! Awesome! And to think, since the other two were winning, they could be considered to be “smarter” within the confines of a Jeopardy! rationale, but the “cool guy” won because of his video game knowledge, lol. I think we all here on this site found that question to be pretty simple.

  3. *is tempted to make a comment as to WHY they don’t have many Nintendo related questions but holds back* lol (I should try to start watching Jeopardy on a regular basis.)

    1. (Damn it! I can’t help myself!) Of course they don’t have many Nintendo related questions in game shows these days. They are afraid of getting sued or getting C&D letters! xP

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