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Rumour: Bandai Namco To Reveal 5 Unannounced Games In December

Bandai Namco has certainly been in the spotlight recently with the company stating that there are some new games on their way for Nintendo Switch. However, it would seem that we could be hearing some more announcements from Bandai Namco as early as next month. Marcus Sellars, who often reports on breaking Nintendo news on Twitter, points towards a December 15 date and states that Nintendo will have noticeable involvement at the event.



      1. Who cares if Santa’s real when Metroid Prime 4 is. Just 6 months ago that was still a fantasy.
        Since it’s not Retro, whoever’s making it even an internal studio will be treading new ground. As long as Tanabe is there to lead though it’s not like they have to be fps masters, they just have to nail the Prime formula.

        1. *thinks about the last Metroid “Prime” game where it was only Tanabe from the old Metroid Prime dev team & shudders* “Metroid Prime “4”: Blast Ball HD Edition! Coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2019!” *shudders again*

    1. I was thinking exactly this when i seen the title. I loved Digimon world on PS1 and have been itching for a Nintendo home console iteration of it from Bandai Namco. I so wish ….

  1. For the Switch’s sake, it’d be nice if all 5 games are coming to the Switch.

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