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Win A Custom Stick It To The Man Themed Nintendo Switch Console


Zoink Games have an amazing competition primed where you could win an awesome custom themed Stick it to the Man Nintendo Switch console. No doubt many of you will want one of these so I’ve included all the competition blurb below. Good luck!

To celebrate Stick It To The Man’s release on Nintendo Switch, we’ve put together an awesome contest where you get to chance to win both the game and a specially designed Switch!

In Stick It To The Man, you meet Ray. A hard hat tester with a regular enough life, who one day get hit in the head and develops some extraordinary powers. Suddenly, he can read people’s minds and change the world with stickers!

Now we’ve made some stickers of our own and used them to decorate a brand new Nintendo Switch. It’s full of Rays and papery buildings and agents and a star-spangled sky. Oh, and a spaghetti arm of course. It’s even signed by team members who worked on the game! Not too shabby, huh?

How to participate

So here’s how to enter the contest: show or tell us where you’ll be playing Stick It To The Man on your new fancy Switch! A good old couch? Your garden? The beach? Somewhere more unexpected? Tell us in the comment section below or through our social accounts!

We’ll choose 10 winners to claim the following prizes

1st prize
Stick It to The Man Switch and game

2nd – 10th prize
Stick It to The Man, digital game (you choose the platform!)

We hope you think this is just as fancy-schmancy as we do! Looking forward to your entries!


Thanks, Nintendo Impact Gaming for the tip!

16 thoughts on “Win A Custom Stick It To The Man Themed Nintendo Switch Console”

  1. I would be playing stick it to the man at my desktop, as I have my nintendo switch connected to my second monitor at all times. I would also be taking it with me when I’m traveling, from what I’ve seen Stick it to the man is a great title that I will add to my switch collection even if I do not win this competition!
    That switch looks beatutiful as well, would probably donate it to my friend since I allready have a switch

  2. As I already have a switch that I play with EVERYWHERE, I would use this Stick it to the Man themed one as my primary console and my older one for multiplayer games and whatnot.

  3. Sadly it’s looking like I’ll be playing it in hospital where I’ll hopefully be sticking it to the man by bloody getting out of there before chrimbo. My son will probably take it off me anyway.

  4. I really like the look of the switch if I won I would play it anywhere at home while I am on the bus or in a friends car or at a doctor’s office while wating to be seen basicly I would play it any time and anywhere I could.

  5. I’d use it to kill time on my Greyhound tripa home from college. I have a trip coming up this December and its 13 hours to and from my destination! I’m sure Stick It the Man would keep me entertained.

  6. As I have not purchased the Switch yet, I would love to win that custom Stick It To The Man console. I will be playing it all over my house, but most importantly is how perfect it would look in my own game room!

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