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Kathryn Newton Will Play Detective Pikachu’s Female Lead Role

About two weeks ago, we informed you of Justice Smith joining the cast of Detective Pikachu. Well, there has been confimation of another cast addition. Kathryn Newton will play the female lead role in the movie. Newton is known for HBO’s “Big Little Lies”, along with the movies “Lady Bird” and “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Natalia Dyer, Haley Lu Richardson and Katherine Langford were “also in the running for the role”.



  1. I wonder if the movie means there is work on a international (American, European, etc…) port of the game. I would honestly LOVE to play the game. I always just have American versions of the consoles I get, and I lack the funds to really get consoles from both America and Japan (which is why I LOVE my Switch), but in regards to the 3DS I could never play the game, since it was only released in Japan.

  2. We all apparently want Danny DeVito as Detective Pikachu, for some infectious reason, but I honestly don’t expect it to happen. DeVito is the hero we want but probably not the one we need right now.

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