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Capcom President Says Monster Hunter XX For Switch Sold Better Than Expected

Capcom President Haruhiro Tsujimoto has spoken to Japanese publication Diamond about Monster Hunter XX for the Nintendo Switch. The game only launched in Japan, but Tsujimoto says that the game sold better than the company initially expected.

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  1. Going to take a wiiild guess and suggest worldwide adoption through the region-free eShop had an effect on this.

  2. USF2 Sold well. Capcom: We will not give a full support to Nintendo
    Resident Evil Revelation is selling well. Capcom: We will not give full support to Nintendo
    Monster Hunter XX sold well. Capcom: We will not give full support to Nintendo

    I think Capcom is trolling

    1. It takes time to develop games for specific consoles, and some would be ported badly. Also those ports takes time. I don’t get all the nastiness against Capcom. It’s big risk to release software on a console first year, so developers do always ports. Have you see anything else from the others? I just remember an Ubisoft game (made by the passion of one team member towards Nintendo).

      1. I can understand the attitude towards Capcom. Take everything they’ve said and done in context.

        First they “test the waters” with 25 year old street fighter. Sells well, then they confusingly mention resident evil revelations 1&2 as another “wait and see” game.

        Fans want MHXX localized. Capcom says no plans. Disney afternoon announced. No Switch version. Mega man legacy. No Switch version.

        MHW announced for PS4 (completely understandable, it’s been in the pipeline for some time). PS4 gets MVCI, SF5 and much more (if not all) of capcoms library.

        Current Capcom games slated for Switch; Resident Evil Rev 1&2, Ace Attourney. That’s it.

        I can understand people being mad at Capcom.

        1. They have very much stupidly said what’s implicit. But fans can’t understand economy so they take those words as an insult to them.
          Still Capcom is doing what everyone is doing, they just can’t explain it to their customers. In such a case it’s better ti say nothing, definitely.
          PS4 is out by many years, and that Monster Hunter has been developed for that console and took years. It’s all normal.

          1. I can understand that perspective too. It’s just that when you take everything into account on a surface level, it’d be hard not to understand why fans are mad. To anyone who hasn’t done the research, it honestly does look like Capcom is shafting Nintendo fans. I mean, a collection of NES games for every console but Nintendo? Konami was ready at launch with a new title, Capcom had SF2. And what games does the company have down the pipeline for Switch? It’s not hard to see both sides.

      2. Well if you talk about Ubisoft they didn’t do only a port of Rayman they also bring Mario+Rabbids and Just Dance. They are trying to bring Steep but also I heard a rumor about Ubisoft bringing a new game for the Switch, who knows what will be.

        In case of Capcom they already say 2 times they will give full support if the sells are going well and there are 3 freaking result with 3 of their games selling well with USF2 selling better than MVCI. So that’s why I wrote this but I think we will finally get a Megaman game because Nintendo retweeted the message of the Megaman twitter account about the stream of 4 december.

        I just wait and see.

      3. Reaver you will be pleased by Capcom support in 2019, eventually even in 2018. It just takes time, they need to make money from the Switch more than you want their games. Be sure of this.

  3. No shit Sherlock. Why do they leave fans feeling like they are beating their heads against a wall. There is a growing list of developers that are soon to be added to the dictionary under the definition for ‘stupid’

  4. If they by any chance localized it, I hope the localization could be downloaded as a patch to my already bought game. It would be cool, since many western players bought the Japanese version.

  5. Well that did pretty well. ” I wonder how many physical copy’s of revelations we’ll sell ( hmm none,it’s download only )

  6. If Capcom was smart they would localize it in the West as well as port Monster Hunter World over to Switch. I have no idea what their thought processes have been lately. Switch software sales have proven to be good for each release they put on it, their crazy for not putting more games on Switch.

    1. Which is why the rumor of Sony paying for their lack of support to Nintendo is still kind of not-so-dumb.
      (“Their” being Capcom)

  7. I’m gonna make a (not so) bold statement here and say maybe we don’t need to support certain third parties. Capcom and EA clearly don’t want money from Nintendo fans, so why should we have to beg to give it to them? We’re not a liability, we’re a fan base just like Playstation and Xbox fans. And to be honest, I’m perfectly fine playing genius indies, unmatched first party and quality third party games from smart devs while these other lost companies figure out their priorities.

  8. Now we’ll wait for the news of MH Worlds not meeting sales expectations.
    And then we’ll wait for capcom to crawl back to Nintendo portable for quick buck to keep them afloat and finance their “triple A” games.

    capcom should be just liquidated and IP’s shared to the original creators and studios that know what to do with the said IP’s.

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