Rockstar Giving Away Custom Themed L.A. Noire Nintendo Switch Console

Rockstar Games have stated on Twitter that they are planning to give away a custom themed L.A Noire Nintendo Switch console as well as a custom themed Xbox One X,  PlayStation 4 Pro, and PC. You can enter in for an Xbox One X right now. All the details can be found, here.


  1. Since no one will say it I will, they should have ported RDR to the Switch rather than LA Noir, that game would have literally helped sell Switch handhelds easily. It would have sold better and given everyone a reminder on why they should be excited for RDR2, but given the fact that greedy ass Take-Two is behind these IPs I doubt anything worthwhile will ever come to Nintendo’s platform.

    1. And you also should realize the RDR code is a mess, which is the reason why it hasn’t already been remastered for next gen. There isn’t even a pc version so why would they put all the effort into getting it on the switch when they can’t even get it on pc or any other next gen console? And don’t say because it’s selling well, because it would’ve been on ps4 if that’s the case. Not to mention, if they wanted the game to come out the same time as la, they would’ve been developing it well before launch so sales would be a nonfactor.

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