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Japan: Special Zelda Breath Of Wild Live Broadcast Announced

Those of who were enamoured by the fantastic The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild might want to watch the Japanese live broadcast on December 12, 2017, via NicoNico. The special event will be broadcast at 9 p.m. JST. It’s not clear whether the second batch of downloadable content will be showcased during the event or whether Nintendo will reveal that at the Game Awards 2017.



  1. This is several days after TGA17 so that most likely means we won’t be getting the 2nd DLC release date at that event. Unless this podcast intends to reveal even more DLC coming to the game.

    1. It’s probably the Japan focused announcement. TGA won’t reach everyone in Japan so a separate event (on the more japan mainstream NicoNico site) is necessary to inform that audience.

      This makes it more likely that the western announcement will be at TGA 2017.

  2. I can’t wait for this either, but tomorrow should be a pretty interesting day. Let’s see what Capcom comes up with, because if they screw up more… well, they will go down badly… I am waiting with low expectations just in case…

  3. The DLC pack 2 has been delayed until March 2018. In its place, you will get new items, including a new collection quest, collecting butterflies. New types will be added.

    Just kidding, I wouldn’t be surprised though if they did actually announce this. :)

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