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NIS America CEO: “There’s A Feeling That Nintendo Doesn’t Want To lose To Sony”

NIS America has supported the Nintendo Switch since day one with the release of Disgaea 5 Complete which, according to NIS America CEO “did very, very well”. The company also has a couple more games in the pipeline for Switch and it would seem that they’re happy with how the Switch is doing so far. As well as offering content for Nintendo, they’re also supporting Sony and the PlayStation 4.  In a recent interview with MCV, NIS America president and CEO Takuro Yamashita touched on how Nintendo’s attitude has altered and that he thinks Nintendo is not wanting to be outdone by Sony.

“There’s definitely a feeling that Nintendo doesn’t want to lose to Sony. They’ve really changed their attitude, so I think the market will become very interesting going forward. We’ll continue to support the Vita digitally, but there’s a very strong chance the last physical title from us for it will be Ys VIII and Danganronpa V3.”

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  1. Thing is Nintendo is probably more concerned with out doing Sony financially than attacking Sony head on with a similar console. Other wise we would have no diversity if everyone was trying to be a PC you can plug into your tv. One thing is for sure, if Nintendo didn’t exist I don’t know how gaming could be in the it’s current state. Every time Nintendo comes out with something new, hardware or software, Sony and M$ grab thier pen and paper and start taking notes. Even when their innovations don’t quite work out, the competition still learns something and runs with it. That’s what always keeps the big N relevant.

    1. Even when they announced the WiiU…. Which flopped heavily, See how quick Sony and Microsoft were to announce alternatives… Sony with the Boys crossplay and Microsoft with Smart glass

    2. everyone always copies everyone else, its who does it right. Are you not forgetting the dreamcast or the nvida shield portable, or razer tablet thing. All of which the switch and wii u are pretty similar to in concept. Don’t act like Nintendo is some god send company that doesn’t do it too.

      1. Except they are God sent, do you not know what their name means ?

        And how could Nintendo copy the nvidia shield when the shield is just copying the Gameboy if we want to really go to the roots of portable consoles … I wonder who made that a thing ?

        1. She’s referring to how the Nvidia Shield Portable could be connected to a TV, essentially being a hybrid before Switch was revealed. If we want to get even more technical, though, laptop makers were doing hybrid gaming long before either of those two came along as laptops are portable, could play games, & could be hooked up to your big screen television even before 2012. In the end, Sony’s consoles, Microsoft’s consoles, AND Nintendo’s consoles are all copying computers. Always have been.

          1. Sure I get it, not really saying Nintendo hasn’t been inspired by an idea or product themselves. There’s no denying that they are the ones who have shaped the current console landscape though. Even when Nintendo does it wrong, Sony and Microsoft notice. It didn’t matter who did it before because it was when Nintendo did it that the other boys take notice. Not saying nobody is wrong here just saying Nintendo’s influence can’t be denied, any way we look at it.

      2. There’s a difference between grabbing and idea and evolving it to the next logical step, and rushing a copycat product to market. The Kinect, the poorly conceived in terms of how it could be supported as a platform, was the next logical step. The Playstation Move was just copy/paste.

    3. You have to really take into account that Nintendo took gaming out of the video game crash in the 80’s and basically defined how 3D games would function with Mario 64. Games would probably just be on mobiles made by indie devs, with actual console games dying out years ago or have a cult following.

      1. Yeah I’m just giving credit where credit is due. Regardless of ppls feelings toward Nintendo, we can’t deny the influence they have. Gaming might not exist the way it does today if they didn’t drive the industry back in the 80s. Sure they didn’t make the first console or video game or controller, but it’s the ones they did make that changed the industry forever and continue to do so even today.

  2. Nintendo: “We must continue our superiority over the Sonyan forces. We will do so buy continuing to innovate the hardware space while we continue providing software of the highest quality. All the while pricing our hardware competitively yet profitably. That is our strategy moving forward.

    Peasant: “What about Microsoft?

    Nintendo: “I’m sorry, Micro- what?”

    Almost sounding Reggie like there.😋

  3. Good. A company does much better when they are trying to actually compete & outdo their competition.

  4. who Nintendo really has to watch out for is Microsoft with their new Xbox systems including the 1S and the 1X, i don’t see why Sony would be better then Nintendo.

      1. The 360 was an extremely successful system and I honestly think that people underestimate the potential that the Xbox has. Yes, they fucked up big time with the Mattrick box that was the launch Xbox but Spencer has now finally fixed it with the S and the X. The X is actually the most advanced system out there and it’s priced pretty damn fair as well. He also implemented great features like BC and Play Anywhere. The brand finally stands on a very solid foundation again and they will obviously concentrate on games again now. All I am saying is that I honestly believe that many people have written off Microsoft too early.

        1. I actually agree in spite of not being fond of Microsoft in the video game industry. But now comes the issue of exclusives. Xbox One X doesn’t have many where as PS4 & Switch have quite few. Right now, it’s just a very expensive 4K, voice controlled multi-media center that just so happens to play video games. I don’t see Microsoft going anywhere any time soon, though, as they do just fine in the United States thanks to the customers in the US that are fiercely loyal to American companies. They just need to fix this major issue. Not sure they’ll ever win a generation but stranger things have happened.

        2. I think they should have held off on the system a bit longer, juiced it up a bit more, dropped the One from the name, & called it Xbox Scorpio as they push it as a next gen system with new games exclusive to it.

        3. I’d say “and be backwards compatible with Xbox One, Xbox 360, & Xbox games” but it’s already got that with One & 360 games with a patch for Xbox compatibility coming at a later date.

  5. The way Xbox is going it’s very possible it could be just Nintendo Vs Sony (maybe atari if the ataribox is even good) so without Nintendo it would just be Sony and no one else

    1. Well, time for Sega to step back in or have another big competitor jump in that isn’t Microsoft. Although they’ll still be around for PC doing their own thing like old times.

    2. I sincerely doubt Atari will ever become a serious competitor ever again, what with their accidental destruction of the very industry they popularized and the fact that nowadays Atari is just Infogramme wearing Atari’s dead skin.

      …But I mean, just look at the games they’ve churned out as of late.

    3. But why should Microsoft leave the console market when it’s a market that is still booming and when they have successful products sitting in that market? Despite the doom and gloom the Xbox (and especially the software on it) is still a product that is making money for MS. They won’t be going anywhere. I actually think that quite the opposite will be happening. We will see a Microsoft that is really pushing it in the next few years. They now have finally fixed their hardware issues and their vision behind it. For us gamers all that is good news though because competition means better games in the long run.

      1. I do see the box eventually leaving, but the brand is definitely here to stay. I feel like that doom and gloom comes from people who never even check numbers and just assume that Sony doing extremely well means that MS is hurting. That and fanboys.

        1. Why are you calling me King Kalas? *just remembers king is in his own name at the end*

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