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Super Meat Boy Forever Developer Says Nintendo Is Really Pushing Indie Games

In recent times Nintendo has been extremely supportive of independent developers. We’ve had indie focused Nintendo Directs and the support of these games by the Kyoto-based company has really encouraged indie developers. Game Informer recently interviewed Tommy Refenes who said to the publication that Nintendo is pushing harder than Sony is for independent developers games to shine.

“It used to be Sony was the one that was pushing the indie devs so much. I think Nintendo is pushing harder than Sony is now. […] I think right now they’re just offering more exposure.”



  1. Of course they got more exposure on the Switch since there aren’t as many triple A titles from bigger 3rd parties on Switch as there are on PS4. Don’t need to be a genius to figure that out.

  2. One of the reasons I have very little interest in a Switch. I don’t play Indies. I think my time as a gamer is coming to an end. Who’s coming to my retirement party y’all?!

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