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IGN Announces Its Game Of The Year 2017 Nominees

Online gaming publication IGN has announced the games that are up for their Game of the Year 2017 award. The winner will be decided on December 20th. You can also vote for your own in the Peoples Choice Awards here. There’s some interesting titles this year so have a look below and work out which game you would vote for.

  • Cuphead
  • Destiny 2
  • Divinity: Original Sin II
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Nier: Automata
  • Persona 5
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
  • Super Mario Odyssey
  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

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  1. Mario and Breath of the Wild will cannibalize votes from one another and a solid PS4 front will vote for Horizon. Horizon will take the top spot. Divinity will be lower than it deserves.

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  2. It’s going to BotW- they shook up the formula enough to make it fresh while still retaining just enough to keep it close to the usual Zelda style; not to mention, they got everything right. The 5-6 year wait has paid off in spades.

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  3. It’s gotta be Zelda. I mean what other type of game like this can you play on the go. It’s a huge success and so much effort has gone into producing this game that can be played by all ages. What I love about this game is you can play through it so that it’s a lot easier to play and complete, but with the right approach you can make this game a real challenge. I love it.


      1. Yes sometimes they put someone who loves a particular game and then they eemphasize it only because it’s played by this presumed guy


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