Pokemon Go Now Uses OpenStreetMap Instead Of Google Maps

Niantic has decided to do away with using Google Maps for their Pokemon Go game on mobile and it has now opted to use open-source, user-generated OpenStreetMap instead. You may see quite a different map when you next log-in as the company is performing a slow roll-out for the change with only a handful of countries noticing the change so far.

The change to OpenStreetMap should be welcomed as it editable by anyone which could mean many points of interest returning as data gets submitted by players. Unfortunately, some fans are already reporting that areas that were once abundant with activity have now turned into exactly the opposite.



    1. …it doesn’t say anything about accounts. This is talking about where the map data comes from. Some people on Reddit noticed that some parts of their map is using data from OpenStreetMap instead of Google maps. This change is probably because of the fact that some locations on Google maps are outdated.

      1. That’s also true, but look at some of the differences between the two maps. You’ll see that there are roads that people input on OpenStreetMap that are not on Google Maps.

        You are correct. It’s kind of strange though cause I’m sure that Niantic came from Google so I’d assume they can use their data, but I guess that’s not how it works.

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